Being a member of the Chi Phi Fraternity is a lifetime experience. In fact, our Alumni constitute 94% of our living members! 

Alumni organizations play a central role in helping Alumni renew old friendships, make new acquaintances, network professionally, attend to the business of the Fraternity, and learn what is happening within Chi Phi. Whether it is through your own Chapter's Alumni Association, a nearby Chapter's Alumni group, or one of Chi Phi's Metropolitan Chi Phi Clubs, one of the best ways to maintain the lifetime experience of Chi Phi is to get involved in one of Chi Phi's Alumni groups in your area. 

Where Alumni Associations commonly consist of Alumni from a common College, University, or institute, Chi Phi Clubs consist of Alumni from various Chapters living in the same geographic areas. 

For more information on getting reacquainted with your Alumni Association, developing or re-starting an existing group contact a member of the National Fraternity Staff.