Chi Phi is excited to continue our expanded digital programming in 2020! As part of our ongoing emphasis on digital engagement and Brotherhood, we are excited to continue our live broadcasts to Brothers around the world.

All live sessions can be viewed on Chi Phi’s YouTube Channel, where you can also view recordings of past events.

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The Chakett Chat

The Fraternity’s new podcast, The Chakett Chat is hosted every other week on a varying schedule. Episode topics include an interview with Grand Alpha Bob Walker and sessions about the importance of our Ritual and how to better manage Chapter and personal finances.

Episodes are typically about an hour, though live sessions may be a bit longer. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of our guests in real time to learn more about the topic and ensure that you walk away knowing as much as possible. See our schedule below for details on upcoming episodes.

We hope you can join us live for our next episode!

The Fraternity Report

Intended as an update on Fraternity operations and other national news, The Fraternity Report takes place every other Thursday at 2pm Eastern, on weeks opposite of The Chakett Chat.

Executive Director Michael Azarian and Director of Growth and Alumni Services John Fisher will team up for these talks and to answer your questions live on our YouTube Channel.

Schedule of Upcoming Live Sessions

May 5: The State of the Fraternity
with Executive Director Michael Azarian, Psi Delta 1997
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May 21: The Chi Phi Experience
with Grand Alpha Bob Walker, Iota Delta 1970
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May 28 at 2pm Eastern: The Fraternity Report
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June 3 at 6pm Eastern: The Importance of Ritual Today
with Grand Zeta Matt Scheller, Psi 2007
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June 11 at 2pm Eastern: The Fraternity Report
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June 16 at 1pm Eastern: The New Chi Phi: From Founding Chartering
with Matt Schultz, Tau Theta 2020, Central Michigan University
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June 25 at 2pm Eastern: The Fraternity Report
Program cancelled

July 1 at 4pm Eastern: Diversifying your Chapter and Personal Income
with Grand Delta David Ebner, Delta Zeta 2008
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July 13 at 3pm Eastern: The Chi Phi Educational Trust
with Vice-Chairman Fran Nolan, Kappa Delta 1990

July 23 at 2pm Eastern: The Fraternity Report

Do you have an idea for an episode of The Chakett Chat or a question to ask for The Fraternity Report? Email John Fisher at to let us know!