Chi Phi Honors our Veterans

Established by the 152nd Chi Phi Congress in 2017, the Chi Phi Veterans Honor Society recognizes those Chi Phis who have answered their country’s call to duty against the evils and injustices of the world, and who have truly expressed our Values of Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity through their service.

The Chi Phi Fraternity is indebted to their service and expresses its thanks to them and their families for their unwavering display of strength, patriotism, courage, and enterprise.

Our Veteran Brothers are listed below by their branch of service; Army, Navy, Air Force/Army Air Corps, Marine Corps, Merchant Marine, and Unspecified. Please note that this list is not complete and only reflects those Veterans reported to our office as of October 31, 2017. To report a Brother or yourself as a Veteran, please use our nomination form.

* Denotes a Brother who has entered Chapter Eternal.
** Denotes a Brother known to have entered Chapter Eternal in service of his country.

Army Veterans

This memo from the Mu Chapter Alumni Association at Stevens Institute of Technology lists those Mu Brothers who lost their lives serving their country during and immediately after World War I.

Dr. John S. Archer Jr., Alpha 1940*
BG William W. Atterbury, Omicron 1942*
SGT Noland P. H. Bell, Chi Delta 1986*
Franklin L. Bialon, Delta Xi 1965, Alpha 1965, Pi Delta 1969*
William R. Bodart, Kappa 1953*
SFC Matt Elias Cardiel, Lambda 1999
Jack Carroll, Zeta 1954*
R. Britt Dalby, Eta Delta 1941*
MG Robert C. Davis, Zeta 1897*
Dr. Fred T. Edmunds, Epsilon 1941*
CPT Charles P. Efstration, Omega 1969*
BG Samuel Morse Felton, Beta 1873*
COL William D. Gardiner, Lambda 1939
A. Kingston Ghegan Jr., Psi 1959*
COL Richard S. Gilbert, Rho 1962
CPT John T. Hagy, Rho 1945*
LTC Frank L. Horsfall III, Phi 1961*
Michael A. Jefferson, Iota Zeta 1993
BG Henning Linden, Gamma Delta 1917*
MAJ Michael Broderick Lundeby, Sigma Delta 2003
Howard N. Lown, Alpha-Chi 1940*
Peter C. Matthews, Lambda Delta 1967
Frank S. McGaughey Jr., Eta 1947*
Robert M. Miller, Alpha Delta 1958*
LTC Thomas E. Miller, Alpha 1988
Everett F. Morse, Rho 1942*
Dr. Vance J. Moss, Alpha Delta 1993
Dr. Vincent L. Moss, Alpha Delta 1995
2LT Richard D. Mudge, Rho 1957*
Richard C. Newlands, Omicron 1950*
Steven W. Owens, Delta Pi 2018
CPT William J. Peterson Jr., Gamma 1940*
Henry R. Read, Omega 1951 (see also Marine Corps)*
COL Robert B. Randle, Kappa 1937*
MG Harry J. Rockafeller II, Delta 1941
LT Robert Franklin Rudich II, Mu Zeta 2006
MAJ Hansford Sams Jr., Omega 1935*
1LT Stephen A. Shortall, Zeta Delta 1967**
LT Charles V. Snyder Jr., Zeta 1942*
MAJ Dr. James P. Soderquist, Alpha 1967, Epsilon 2014
COL George M. Spaur, Epsilon Delta 1925*
CPT John Tinsley, Nu Delta 2002**
MG Robert J. Travis, Gamma 1897*
Dr. Tracy F. Tyler Jr., Iota 1948, Gamma Delta 1949*
Jason K. Umiamaka, Alpha Zeta 1998
CPT David Walsh, Rho 1963**
MAJ Jesse Ross Wentworth II, Nu Delta 2002
CPT Joseph C. Wessendorff, Nu 1941*
BG William Wilson, Upsilon 1876*

Navy Veterans

Frank O. Schoettinger, Alpha-Chi 1947, while on active duty during World War II.

This December 1942 article from The Chakett annouced the death of George Glueck, Psi 1939, who was killed in action in the Southwest Pacific.

Charles J. Beetham, Iota 1937*
RADM  Robert E. Besal, Mu Delta 1972
LCDR Sean W. Black, Upsilon 1998
James H. Blackburn, Iota 1954*
RADM Michael W. Broadway, Mu Delta 1974
Ralph A. Carnley Jr., Nu Delta 1968, Theta Delta 1968*
LT C. Richard Cooper Jr., Theta 1967**
William F. Dau, Chi 1941*
C. Allen Davis, Alpha Delta 1942*
LT John H. Dillon II, Rho 1963*
William R. Eckhardt III, Nu 1941*
LT Dr. Eugene J. Ellis, Eta Delta 1941*
RADM Julius Augustus Furer, Beta 1904*
Paul C. Gaertner Jr., Omega 1950
LTJG George F. Glueck, Psi 1939**
CAPT Gerald L. Griffin, Alpha-Mu 1939*
ENS Richard H. Hammerstone, Alpha-Alpha 1967**
CWO Edwin E. Harman III, Alpha Zeta 1994
LT Henry Selby Hayward Jr., Mu 1900**
CAPT Richard H. Henry, Alpha 1938*
ENS Alan R. Hiester, Lambda 1943*
RADM Herbert Seymour Howard, Beta 1908*
LT Michael M. Joslin, Chi 1963**
Adolph G. Kiefer, Nu 1940*
Kristopher Travis Liddle, Delta Zeta 2010
ENS Joel J. Loeffler, Epsilon Delta 1969**
LCDR Harold L. McGeorge Jr., Alpha 1941*
RADM  Samuel McGowan, Sigma (Wofford) 1891, Tau (South Carolina) 1889*
Seth B. Mellen Jr., Omega 1949*
Harry M. Oldham Jr., Eta 1957*
RADM  Eustace B. Rogers, Psi 1876*
CDR Dr. Brooke E. Sawyer Jr., Lambda 1946*
Frank O. Schoettinger, Alpha-Chi 1947*
William W. Sprague Jr., Beta 1947, Omicron 1950*
Richard D. Suttie, Epsilon Delta 1979
LCDR Lawrence A. Sykes, Chi 1929*
Samuel J. Tanner, Alpha Zeta 1996
Paul William Zito, Kappa Delta 2006

Air Force/Army Air Corps Veterans

William Keyes, Eta 2009, while on active duty in Afghanistan.

Lt Col Lacy H. Arnold, Gamma 1948*
Col Edward T. Badger, Omicron 1942*
Dr. Fred M. Bell Jr., Gamma 1948 (see also Merchant Marine)*
Maj Arthur E. Blackstone, Theta Delta 1962*
Capt David A. Coffman, Xi Delta 1982
Lt Edmund Leo Cone, Mu 1908**
George R. Evans, Rho 1955*
Maj Gen Sloan R. Gill, Omega 1952*
Alfred C. Greene, Tau 1944*
Col Charles W. Groover, Omega 1954
Vern W. Hurst, Alpha-Chi 1945
1st Lt William Robert Keyes, Eta 2009
Charles E. Lee, Alpha Theta Chi 1995
Lt Col Luis M. Millares, Nu Delta 1992
Maj Gen Charles S. Thompson Jr., Omega 1938*
Capt Michael Roy Welch, Theta Zeta 2003
Hugh O. Wolfe, Nu 1938*

Marine Corps Veterans

BGen Julian D. Alford, Alpha Zeta 1986
Maj Steve N. Allen, Alpha-Alpha 1969
BGen Maurice C. Ashley Jr., Alpha-Alpha 1948*
Bryant E. Budde, Alpha Zeta 1996
LtCol Jeffrey D. Buchanan, Alpha-Tau 1970
Col Clyde T. Burton, Epsilon Delta 1982
Maj Seth W. B. Folsom, Alpha 1994
LCpl Hugh Joseph Kerins, Alpha-Chi 2015
LtCol Mark L. Lockridge, Alpha Zeta 1987
Edwin Louie Logan, Delta Pi 2016
Capt Edward H. Meyer, Psi 1947*
Col David J. Mollahan, Epsilon Delta 1974
LtCol Michael S. Paulk, Alpha Zeta 1987
Henry R. Read, Omega 1951 (see also Army)*
John T. Vaughan, Alpha Zeta 1993
Capt Cenyon Llewelyn Woods, Upsilon 2000

Coast Guard Veterans

LTJG William S. Flad, Rho 1934*

Merchant Marine Veterans

Dr. Fred M. Bell Jr., Gamma 1948 (see also Air Force)*
Karl E. Schlachter, Mu 1945*


Michael Scott Anderson, Alpha Zeta 2001
Zachary F. Basford, Eta Delta 1997
Chad T. Betz, Alpha Zeta 1997
Kevin Martin Black, Alpha Zeta 1997
R. Scott Bleicken, Alpha Zeta 1991
William P. Boggs, Tau 1949*
Dr. Alessandro R. Bosco, Delta Zeta 1995
Charles Forrest Broom, Psi Zeta 2002
James E. Budd, Alpha Zeta 1991
Chad Alan Burnosky, Gamma Theta 2007
Christopher D. Call, Xi 1988
Michael Alan Carper Jr., Gamma Theta 2007
Dr. Lee P. Coppess, Iota 1963
Richard R. Dickens, Alpha-Alpha 1994
Kenneth E. Dixon, Psi Delta 2001
Bradley S. Dowling, Omega 1989
Christopher Ryan Dziados, Gamma Theta 2002
2LT Keeton Ralph Easley, Alpha Zeta 2000
2LT William E. Fisher Jr., Xi 1940*
Sigmund J. Fleck, Iota Delta 1986
Michael Edward Gage, Tau 2004
Paul A. Grehan, Nu Delta 1993
Ronald Patrick Hampel, Tau 2003
Tim Scott Harrell, Sigma Delta 2005
John Daniel Kehoe III, Alpha Zeta 1986
MSG William P. Klouda Jr., Alpha Zeta 1986
John Everett Landry, Nu 2005
Jason David Matthews, Nu 2007
Brian T. McLaughlin, Iota Delta 1978
Kadyn S. Michaels, Upsilon 1998
COL Jason E. Miller, Psi 1990
Valos Michael Owen, Sigma Delta 2003
Carter Henry Page Jr., Mu 1887**
William J. Ross Jr., Mu 1907**
Robert Duane Satterfield, Alpha Zeta 1992
Ryan Eugene Sawyer, Alpha Zeta 2009
Andrew Patrick Seal, Zeta 2004
Jeremiah Paul Sheehan, Gamma Theta 2008
Charles Slaughter, Alpha Zeta 1995
David W. Smith, Alpha Zeta 1995
Matthew C. Smith, Sigma Delta 2003
Luke Aaron Spencer, Sigma Delta 2003
Michael R. Striplin, Alpha Zeta 1988
LT Rev. Myron J. Sunderland, Alpha-Chi 1942*
Charles Cadwell Tyler, Zeta 2004
Theodore B. Van Nest, Mu 1916**
John Steven Weaver, Phi Delta 2000
Christopher Joseph Wike, Gamma Theta 2002
Vance C. Witt, Alpha Zeta 1988