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Regional Leadership Alliances Make an Impact Across the Country

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Chi Phi’s most widely attended event of the year, the Regional Leadership Alliances, are entering their final week with the last two RLAs coming up on Saturday, March 7,  at Cornell University and Southern Utah University.

This has been an exciting year of introducing a new, one-day format for RLA. Participants now have the option to choose one of six tracks to follow; Education, Finances, Outreach, Recruitment, Risk Management, or Ritual. These track sessions cover everything from Alumni relations and campus presence to how to properly format a budget and communicate expectations among membership.

One member said that the 2020 RLA “was a great experience that allowed me to meet brothers from different chapters and learn more about the Chi Phi Fraternity,” while another described it as “a great way to learn about the fraternity and further build myself into a better man.”

With 97% of survey responses recommending other Brothers to attend an RLA, Chi Phi is more than happy with the results of RLA’s new format.

The Fraternity is especially thankful this year to our volunteer facilitators and host Chapters and campuses (in addition to the ones above); Ohio Wesleyan University, Iowa State University, UNC Chapel Hill, Lafayette College, Georgia Southwestern State University, and UT Dallas. 

After a spring packed with leadership programs and other events, including six previous RLAs on campuses across the country, the Fraternity is just about ready to rest and recuperate before our next major program. Regional Ritual Retreats begin in May and have proven to be one of the most popular events hosted by Chi Phi each year. Join us at UC Berkeley, Cornell University, and the University of Alabama this summer for an in-depth exploration of our Ritual & Heritage, hosted by experts in our customs. Registration will be open soon through Chi Phi Connect.

Above: Participants and Facilitators at the Texas RLA gathered at UT Dallas, including members of the recently refounded Nu Colony at UT Austin.

Below: Brothers from four Chapters work together during a breakout session at the Southeast RLA at Georgia Southwestern, where they discussed Risk Management Policies and building a stronger Chapter through accountability.

  • CMU Colony Chartered as Tau Theta Chapter

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    Brothers, Friends, and parents of members at Central Michigan University came together at Mt. Pleasant on November 9 to celebrate the success of our men on campus as the former CMU Colony became the Tau Theta Chapter, joining the Chi Phi Fraternity as our fifty-second active, Chartered Chapter.

    Founded in the fall of 2017, Central Michigan marked Chi Phi’s first expansion in the state since 1921. The Founding Fathers of Tau Theta wasted no time in finding their spot on campus and easily immersed themselves in the Greek Community. With this hard work and dedication, Tau Theta is now an established Chapter which has steadily grown in both numbers and performance these past two years.

    With more than 100 people present for their Chartering Ceremony, including Alumni Brothers from Iota, Mu, Alpha-Tau, Alpha-Chi, Iota Delta, Rho Delta, and Psi Delta, it was certainly an occasion to celebrate.

    Chapter Alpha Matt Schultz, Tau Theta 2020, says that “being a part of the founding class of Chi Phi at CMU was one of the best opportunities I’ve been given in my short college career. Now being recognized as the Tau Theta Chapter is a great honor displaying that we live up to the Chi Phi values. I’ve surrounded myself with lifelong Brothers that have shaped this opportunity into great experiences and great success. Though successful, Tau Theta is just at the beginning of many years of success. I’m excited to visit CMU in the future to discover what the Brothers have accomplished through the union of congenial minds.”

    Indeed, the entire Chi Phi Fraternity is excited to see what the Tau Theta Chapter will accomplish. Their dedication to our shared Values of Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity has already proven their commitment to this Fraternity, and their resolve to promote these Values in their community.

    Above: Tau Theta members with Executive Director Michael Azarian, just before the official unveiling of their Charter on November 9, 2019.

    Below: Alpha Matt Schultz (center, with Charter) with other Tau Theta Officers, Alumni, and Grand Alpha Bob Walker.

  • Chi Phi Returns to UT Austin, Establishes at Tampa

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    This fall has been a busy time for the Fraternity with expansion opportunities at two major campuses.

    First established in 1892, Nu at the University of Texas at Austin was Chi Phi’s first Chapter in the Lonestar State. Nu has given rise to historic figures such as CBS Anchorman Walter Cronkite, Nu 1937, and Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe, Nu 1940, as well as our current Grand Eta Steve Hopkins, Nu 1999.

    The nine men who will carry on Chi Phi’s legacy at UT were Initiated into our Brotherhood on October 20 by the men at the Psi Zeta Chapter at the University of Texas at Dallas. They join a very active fraternity scene on campus and are backed by an extensive network of Nu Alumni. Alpha Wade Smith, Nu 2021, says he is most excited about having “a chance to reestablish our presence on campus and become an influential organization. I hope we can expand our Brotherhood as this school year goes along, and I hope we are able to positively impact our campus and the Austin community.”

    Chi Phi is now present at the University of Tampa for the first time, where thirteen young men were Initiated on October 27 by the Brothers of the Xi Delta Chapter at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. Our group at Tampa is now one of thirteen fraternities on campus and the latest in Chi Phi’s long legacy in the State of Florida.

    The Alpha at the University of Tampa, Nick Scozzari, Tampa Colony 2022, says that our Brothers at Tampa hope “to establish an environment that is accepting and community-driven in the coming future. The Colony and I look forward to recruiting New Members and growing our brand as Chi Phi.”

    Reflecting on the successful establishment of Chi Phi at Texas and Tampa, Director of Growth and Alumni Services John Fisher, Delta Pi 2013, says that he looks forward to “continuing to support and work with these men as they grow themselves and their respective Colony on campus and in their community. Chi Phi has a bright future with these men.”

    As they work to establish their mission, vision, and goals for the coming years, Chi Phi is built for success with Brothers on both campuses from diverse backgrounds and interests, and who represent an array of academic fields, including environmental engineering, chemistry, finance, marine biology, and exercise science. We are excited to see what the rest of the year will bring for them.

    Above: The men of Nu at Texas following their Pledging Ceremony on October 13, held at the base of The Tower on UT’s campus.

    Below: New Members at the University of Tampa were pinned in a chapel on campus on October 19.

  • Educational Trust Awards Thirty-Four Brothers with Scholarships

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    Thanks to the generosity of Brothers, Alumni, family and friends, the Chi Phi Educational Trust is excited to announce our 2019 Scholarship Recipients!

    These Brothers have proved themselves as leaders both in their Chapters and in their academic pursuits. Thanks to the generosity of Alumni, undergraduate Brothers, parents, and Friends of Chi Phi, the Educational Trust was able to award thirty-four scholarships this year – eight more than in 2018. Please join us in giving our Brothers a hearty congratulations!

    Interested in supporting our Brothers and the Trust’s scholarship program? Become a Men of Virtue donor today and commit to our future leaders.

    Benjamin Arnold, Alpha-Chi 2020
    Alexander Bacon, Sigma Theta 2020
    Darren Bogart, Alpha-Tau 2021
    Chase Boone, Psi Delta Colony 2021
    Joseph Burrows, Delta Pi 2021
    Kamron Campbell, Xi Theta 2020
    Daniel Celic, Theta 2021
    Zeachary Chieco, Mu 2020
    Safwan Chowdhury, Psi Zeta 2022
    Benjamin Cradin, Zeta Theta 2020
    Peter D’Almeida, Theta 2019
    Shresttha Dubey, Omega 2020
    Ramzi Ebeid, Phi Lambda Theta 2016
    Carlos Flores, Phi Lambda Theta 2014
    Garrett Gomez-Nieto, Lambda 2020
    Spenser Gorenflo, Xi Delta 2022
    Conor Hanggi, Theta 2022

    Harrison Hicks, Psi Zeta 2020
    Abhigyan Kotti, Rho Theta 2020
    Tripp Larkey, Delta Pi 2022
    Marc Leazer, Mu Delta 2020
    Kevin Long, Rho 2021
    Akhil Mahant, Rho Theta 2022
    Calvin McKay, Mu 2020
    David Niemynski, Kappa Delta 2021
    Rory Plewman, Lambda 2021
    Austin Rule, Alpha 2020
    Evan Schumacher, CMU Colony 2020
    Elias Sebti, Lambda 2019
    Tyrell Snagg, Rho Delta 2023
    Mitchell Spalding, Xi Delta 2020
    Matthew Stafford, Alpha Theta Chi 2020
    Marc Wade, Alpha Theta Chi 2020
    Frayser Wall, Alpha 2021

    A special thank you goes out to the Scholarship Committee for their time and dedication to our Brotherhood! The Educational Trust is grateful for their exhaustive efforts and time spent reviewing each one of our scholarship applications this year. Our 2019 Committee members are:

    Chairman Nicholas A. Medina, Lambda Zeta 2008
    Daniel W. Ahearn, Theta Delta 1999
    Robert H. Finley, Lambda 1980
    Douglas S. Howie, Mu 1983
    Dr. David C. Jenkins, Delta Pi 2000
    Mario L. Lento, Xi Delta 2012
    Jason M. Malone, Alpha-Chi 1997
    Sean P. Murphy, Lambda Theta 2008
    Dr. Aaron G. Palmore, Alpha-Chi 2006
    Sahil A. Patel, Gamma 2000
    Andrew T. Schrimscher, Tau 1988
    Norman A. Sensinger Jr., Rho 1959
    Allen Shih, Gamma 2000
    Dr. Eric C. Swindell, Nu 1991
    Cory J. Thomas, Mu Delta 1986
    MAJ Jesse R. Wentworth II, Nu Delta 2002

  • Gamma Returns to Emory University

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    The 2019-2020 academic year’s expansion opportunities are already off to a rolling start with the reestablishment of Gamma at Emory University in Atlanta. In a Ceremony at the home of Dr. Miles Crowder, Gamma 1963, Pi Delta 1969, twelve men took their pledge to Chi Phi and became the first New Members of Gamma.

    Originally founded in 1869 as one of Chi Phi’s earliest Chapters and Emory’s first Greek organization, Gamma’s return marks the continuance of one of our longest legacies. 

    Our expansion teams are still hard at work at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Tampa. If you know a student on any one of our campuses who is interested in establishing his legacy, you can always fill out our recruitment recommendation form.

  • Chapter Spotlight: Delta Xi at West Virginia Wesleyan College

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    At West Virginia Wesleyan College on a crisp fall day in October, more than 21 collegiate Brothers and many dedicated Alumni of the Delta Xi Colony of Chi Phi gathered to receive our Charter. Delta Xi is now officially recognized as an active Chapter by the Chi Phi Fraternity. During this ceremony our Chapter was also significantly recognized with the presentation of the President’s Cup (right). This award distinguishes our Chapter from others on campus as exemplar in academics, service, intramurals, and social activity. It is a high honor to receive this award from West Virginia Wesleyan Greek Life and the College.

    The fall semester proved to be a busy season for our philanthropic activity with the Brothers’ participation in a variety of service around our campus. West Virginia Wesleyan College stresses giving back to the campus and community and Delta Xi is an active contributor. We started on the first day of the semester! We lined up curbside to help the freshman arriving on campus unload their cars as they moved into their new dorms.

    On Halloween, we participated by “trick or treating” for canned goods in the town of Buckhannon (below, right). These donations were used to boost one of the town’s local food pantries. Later in the fall on Community Unity Day we joined forces with Alpha Sigma Phi to do some clean-up work in local cemeteries and assisted some of the elderly population with fall landscaping (below, left). Working together to benefit others in the community always has a positive effect on us all.

    After a setting the academic all time high GPA record last year in the Greek system here at West Virginia Wesleyan, we are striving to begin again to recapture this status. This fall the Brothers of Delta Xi topped the all fraternity average GPA for fall semester with a 3.54. The men of the scarlet and blue endeavor to continue this trend.

    Together we have experienced academic success, opportunities for leadership, service, and social activities that are enriched because of our Brotherhood. With these things in mind we plan to carry on the rich tradition of the Delta Xi Chapter of Chi Phi that was established by all the brothers of Chi Phi since 1824.

    Jack Goellner, Delta Xi 2019
    Zeta of the Delta Xi Chapter

  • Chapter Spotlight: Phi Lambda Theta at Bucknell University

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    Here in Lewisburg the Brothers of the Phi Lambda Theta Chapter at Bucknell University have kept busy in the classroom and on campus.

    Our campus involvement is something that we have always taken great pride in. We have Brothers holding positions such as school president, orientation leaders for incoming first-years, admissions ambassadors, TEDx speaker coaches, volunteer firefighters, and residential advisors. Our Brothers are able to do all of this while still maintaining a strong academic performance.

    We have spent the last couple of months preparing for our annual Special Olympics philanthropy event. This has always been a fantastic event and we are hoping to build upon the success we had with it last year. Our Chapter has always placed a high importance on giving back, and this is evident based on the fact we had a total of 1,922 community service hours last semester and donated over $2,500 dollars to various charities and organizations.

    We have always maintained had a strong presence on the intramural field. Specifically, we have always had a strong soccer team which led to a second place finish in the general intramural season, and we walked away with a victory at the Kappa Klassic (a philanthropy event held by a sorority at Bucknell). We currently have teams competing in the intramural basketball league playoffs and are hoping we can add some more hardware to our collection. Intramural games are always some of everybody’s favorite events to attend and are a great way to show support to our Brothers.

    This academic year has been a great success for our Chapter so far. Our New Members have integrated themselves very well and are true embodiments of the core values Chi Phi sets forth, as well as our own Phi Lambda Theta values. Personally I look forward to watching our Chapter continue to thrive and flourish at Bucknell.

    Aidan Shea, Phi Lambda Theta 2021
    Zeta of the Phi Lambda Theta Chapter

    Above: Phi Lambda Theta Brothers celebrating their victory at the Kappa Klassic.

    Below: Brothers having a blast during the Chapter’s ski trip.

  • Chi Phi Unites with the Max Gruver Foundation for the first #FlyHighMax 5k

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    At the annual Alphas and Thetas Academy this January, Chi Phi was honored to host Stephen and Rae Ann Gruver as keynote speakers. The Gruvers shared the story of their son Max, who passed away in 2017 after a hazing incident at Louisiana State University.

    Remembering Max and the impact that hazing has had on their family left such an impression on our members that the Fraternity and Educational Trust came together to serve as Lead Sponsors of the first Stop the Hazing #FlyHighMax 5k on February 2.

    National Staff, Friends of Chi Phi, and members of the Rho Delta Chapter at Oglethorpe University came together with more than 600 other runners to support the Max Gruver Foundation’s mission to ensure that hazing is eliminated on college campuses.

    The event was a great success for all parties, especially for the Foundation. John Fisher, Delta Pi 2013, even took home a medal for coming in 3rd for his age group. Perhaps one of the most meaningful moments of the 5k was when Rho Delta Brothers ran their final lap twice in order to stick with and support other Brothers still in the race. A real moment that shows true fraternity is about Brotherhood and community.

    Chi Phi’s partnership with the Max Gruver Foundation and the Gruver Family continues with Stephen and Rae Ann scheduled to speak at the Psi Delta Colony at UNC Charlotte on March 24. If you are interested in bringing the Gruvers to speak with your Chapter or campus, contact Assistant Executive Director Danny Zayas to learn more about how to make it happen.

    The event in images

    (click to enlarge)

    Chi Phi’s runners for the event included undergraduate members of the Rho Delta Chapter Arman Niknafs, Tyrell Snagg, Steve Myers, Chandler Robinson, and Luis Pereira-Hernandez. Alumnus John Fisher of the Delta Pi Chapter and his wife Danielle also ran the 5k.

  • Alpha Theta Chi Wins Fundraising Challenge at UNL

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    A recent challenge laid out by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln saw the Alpha Theta Chi Chapter posed against sixteen other student organizations in a forty-eight hour fundraising challenge.

    From the men’s volleyball team to Nebraskans for the Upgraded Treatment of Squirrels (no, seriously, they’re N.U.T.S.), these organizations took part in UNL’s #GlowBigRed challenge as part of the University’s 150th anniversary celebration.

    The blitz challenge came with four additional incentives; an extra $1,000 to one randomly selected donor’s total, $250 to one randomly chosen organization, $250 to the group with the most money raised, and $500 to the group with the most individual donors. With such big stakes on the line, Alpha Theta Chi’s Alumni found themselves on a mission. Communication from Chapter Advisor Victor Martinez, Alpha Theta Chi 2002, was soon blasted via email and Brother after Brother stepped up to the plate.

    When the dust settled and the donations were all in, Alpha Theta Chi found itself the victor of not one, not two, but THREE of the incentive awards! With $2,030 raised by twenty-seven donors, they won $250 for the most raised and the $500 award for most individual donors. To top it off, Rick Wintermute, Alpha Theta Chi 1984, was chosen as the donor to have $1,000 added to his contribution.

    All in all, the Chapter found itself on the receiving end of $3,780 to be used for member scholarships.

    “Wow!! Thank you all,” Brother Martinez wrote in an email. “Proud to be a Chi Phi. A great 48 hours for Alpha Theta Chi! These scholarships are going to be fantastic to help recruitment both this spring and summer.”

    Join us in congratulating our Brothers on this amazing effort and their great success!

    Members of the Alpha Theta Chi Chapter gather after an intramural broomball game at UNL

  • Brothers from CMU, UTK Come Together During Thanksgiving Service Trip

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    With more than 2,600 undergraduate members on our rolls, it is not unusual for Brothers from different Chapters to cross paths. But who would have thought that two Brothers would come together during a service trip more than 2,000 miles away?

    Aleks Silva, CMU 2018, and Addison Mossett, Phi Delta 2020, both took part in a summer internship with Southwestern Advantage Sales Program, which involves 2,000 students from more than 350 universities each year. With their remarkable enthusiasm for their work, the Program offered both Aleks and Addison an incentive trip to Cancún over Thanksgiving Break, where they were also given the opportunity to help the local community and give back to those in need.

    The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, our Brothers and other volunteers on the trip went on a service project to assist Casa Hogar San Jose de la Inmaculada, a safehouse for girls aged 2-18 who have confronted extreme challenges in their lives. The Southwestern Advantage Sales Program worked with the four missionary nuns running the facility and raised enough money to build an addition to their current living quarters.

    The volunteer team spent most of their day helping maintain the property by weeding, painting, picking up rubbish, and even some landscaping work. They were also able to come together to purchase the facility a lawn mower and picnic table and even provided school supplies for the girls for the coming year.

    Thank you to Brothers Silva and Mossett for their continued dedication to community service and philanthropy, even when already being rewarded for a job well done!

    Do you know Brothers making an impact on their community, profession, or Chapter? Submit your stories by emailing Director of Member Engagement Dan Coutcher so the Fraternity can continue to recognize our members for their outstanding efforts.

    Above: Brother Aleks Silva (left) and Addison Mossett (right) during their service at Casa Hogar San Jose de la Inmaculada

    Below: Brothers Silva and Mossett with other volunteers and residents hard at work maintaining and improving the property