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Updates on the 155th Chi Phi Congress

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Fraternity Statement on the 155th Chi Phi Congress, July 31-August 2, 2020:

It is with regret that we inform you that the 155th Chi Phi Congress has been canceled. This decision was not made lightly, but with the ongoing worldwide pandemic the Grand Council unanimously chose to put the health and safety of our Brothers and guests first.

As noted in previous messages, the Grand Council and National Office have been closely monitoring the spread of the virus and we have previously canceled other summer programs. The impact that this global situation continues to have on our day to day lives cannot be understated. 

We anticipate that our Brothers will have questions about the cancellation of Congress, so we have provided an FAQ on the topic and a summary of our reasoning for your review. Click here for more details on Chi Phi’s ongoing response to COVID-19.

Health and safety of our members and friends is vital, and Chi Phi is committed to any measures we can take to minimize your exposure to large crowds and especially close-quartered travel. Some estimates have the spread of COVID-19 lasting into the summer and fall, putting you at risk to travel to Congress.

Leadership often requires difficult decision-making with complex timing and with incomplete or uncertain information. The great volume of questions remaining around this global pandemic deserve as much decisiveness and relief that Chi Phi as an organization can readily provide.

Planning for the future by undergraduates, Alumni, volunteers and National Staff has grown increasingly difficult as circumstances have evolved. Medical experts continue to express concerns about the longevity of the spread and stress that we should brace for extended periods of physical distancing. Establishing some form of certainty for our summer events can help individuals, Chapters, and the Fraternity at-large dedicate time and dedication to activities that are better suited to sustain our local Chapters and support our Brothers during this trying time.

Finances have never been immune from crises such as this, and the resources available to our Brothers and Chapters must be considered. The costs associated with the Delegate fee, travel to Congress, and lodging are much more than some of our Chapters can take on at this time. Fortunately for the Fraternity, the decision to cancel Congress was made before we incurred any fees for service from the hotel slated to serve as our host. Further efforts to conserve our financial resources on the national and local level over the next few months must remain at the forefront of our minds.

Historical precedence has demonstrated Chi Phi’s ability to adapt to outstanding circumstances. Throughout our Fraternity’s existence, we have gone several years without a Congress, including throughout both World Wars, and taken exceptional steps to curb costs during times such as the Great Depression and Great Recession. And though it did not weigh on the Grand Council’s decision, it is worth noting that many other organizations have taken similar steps for their summer programs in 2020.

As we approach the fall term with uncertainty, it is important that we all remember that Brotherhood comes before all. Take the time to reach out to each other, catch up, and partake in some distanced camaraderie. Though we cannot be sure how much longer our day-to-day lives will be altered, we know that the bonds of our Fraternity will continue to bring us together.

We thank our Chapter Alphas for taking the time to inform the National Office and Grand Council of their thoughts – two thirds of whom expressed that they would not feel safe attending Congress. Some questions we received from Alphas and others about Congress are addressed in the FAQ

If you have any additional questions about Congress or Chi Phi’s ongoing response to COVID-19, you can download our resource guide or contact the National Office. Our staff continues to work remote, but are available via email and our direct phone lines; please visit our website for a staff listing and linked emails. The Grand Council and National Staff remain committed to maintaining the same level of service to our membership.

Full text of the FAQ:

What happens to our Delegate fee?

A $1,200 credit will be applied to each Chapter’s account. If you have already paid your Delegate fee, cash refunds will not be given. For Chapters who have not paid, the credit will even out to show a zero balance for the delegate fee. 

What will happen with Grand Alpha elections?

Grand Alpha elections will not be held this summer, so there will be no Grand Alpha-Elect to serve during the 2020-2021 academic year. Instead, the next election will be held during Congress in 2021 and the winner will assume the office of Grand Alpha immediately, without a transition year. This scenario is not unprecedented; such elections have occurred in the past and went smoothly.

How will Chi Phi’s annual budget be approved?

The Grand Council will assess the budget submitted by Executive Director Michael Azarian for approval. Once it has been reviewed, the Grand Council will vote on the budget for FY 2021. 

Can we host Congress in the fall?

Unfortunately, this option is not logistically possible. With the short notice of arranging for a host facility, Congress would be exponentially more expensive. In addition, many institutions are uncertain if they will be physically open for the fall term, making it even more difficult for our Brothers to get together for a fall Congress.

When will the next Congress be held?

The next Chi Phi Congress is scheduled to take place July 30, 2021- August 1, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Bally’s Las Vegas.

Will the Awards Program still take place?

Yes! Chi Phi’s 2020 Awards Program is still set to take place. The deadline remains May 29, 2020 at 11:59pm (Eastern). An alternative to an in-person ceremony will be arranged so that we can continue to recognize the work and dedication that our Chapters and Brothers put into our Fraternity.

As a bonus reminder, Accreditation submissions for this spring are NOT required. All Award submissions are based on the merit of their own materials.

  • Update Regarding Spring 2020 Accreditation and COVID-19

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    Due to University closures related to COVID-19, we recognize that Chapters will not be able to fulfill many of the Chi Phi Accreditation requirements. Please refer to the announcements below sorted by your group’s designation.

    Chapters: Accreditation is postponed until Fall 2020. A submission with documents pertaining to the Fall 2020 semester only will not be required until November 2020. Chapters which have not been Accredited will not be required to submit until Fall 2020 but may have other developmental measures that are still due. These measures are referenced in the letter you received earlier this semester.

    Colonies: An Accreditation grade will still be given to Colonies to keep groups on track for Chartering. Visit reports created by your Leadership Consultant, along with Colony documents, will be graded using the current semesterly grading system. No document submissions are required. You will be contacted by Chris Fernandez ( if supporting documents are needed.

  • Fraternity Update on COVID-19

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    This page last updated Thursday, July 2 at 4:30pm Eastern.

    View the latest version of Chi Phi’s COVID-19 Resource Guide (Dropbox link) this is a live document which will be updated as more information is available

    Updates on the 155th Chi Phi Congress

    It is with regret that we inform you that the 155th Chi Phi Congress has been postponed. This decision was not made lightly, but with the ongoing worldwide pandemic the Grand Council unanimously chose to put the health and safety of our Brothers and guests first.

    We anticipate that our Brothers will have questions about the status of Congress, so we have provided an FAQ on the topic, and more details can be found here.

    The Chi Phi Educational Trust has also announced that the annual Watts Gunn Memorial Golf Tournament at the Merion Golf Club has also been placed on hold. The Educational Trust hopes to host a future tournament at Merion.

    National Staff shifts to partial in-office hours

    In interest of health and safety, the National Office has continued to promote social distancing among our staff. Members of our staff are in the office sporadically during normal business hours, but remain reachable via email and direct lines.

    Please visit for staff emails by clicking their name or photo. You may also direct general inquiries to and a member of staff will typically reply within 24 hours.

    Regional Ritual Retreats Postponed

    Due to the closure of our host campuses and in the best interest for the health and safety of our attendees, the Regional Ritual Retreat (RRR) programs scheduled for this summer have been postponed. We anticipate RRRs to return in full strength for the summer of 2021.

     Spring 2020 Accreditation Submissions not Required

    Accreditation submissions will not be required until Fall 2020, under an amended grading scale. Please visit for more information.

    Download Chi Phi's Resource Guide

    This is a live document which will be updated as more information is available

    Statement and General Guidelines Regarding COVID-19

    Brothers & Friends,

    The past several months, we have all been inundated with information on COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its global and domestic impact. On behalf of the Grand Council and National Office, please know that Chi Phi is committed to supporting our members and Chapters throughout this time.

    Please consult the information below, which answers questions which many of you have for us at this time. Should you have any further inquiries, contact the National Office Staff at (404)231-1824 or vis Specific questions about Crisis Management Plans enacted on the local Chapter level can be directed to Associate Director of Risk Management Ryan Lugabihl at

    We also strongly suggest that you consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which maintains an updated webpage about COVID-19. You will find additional instructions about reducing the spread and your exposure to COVID-19.

    Chapter and Colony Support

    • Please continue to take advantage of our Chapter Services team and your Leadership Consultant. They will be available via phone, email, and video conference throughout the remainder of the school year.
    • In-person Chapter visits have been suspended at this time. Leadership Consultants are currently coordinating online meetings with Chapters who had previously scheduled a visit time.

    Chapter Meetings and Activities

    • Follow the recommendations made by your host institution regarding Chapter meetings and other group activities.
    • If your host institution has recommended canceling all in-person meetings and activities, please reach out to the National Office to discuss coordinating remote meetings. We also recommend that you review this article that highlights the best way to engage remote meetings.

    For Alumni and Volunteers

    • Coordinate with your Chapter’s Executive Council to see the plans they have in place for the reminder of the semester. Do any Brotherhood, social, or service events need to be rescheduled?
    • Identify questions, concerns, or needed resources and let the National Office know how we can be of help.

    Chapter Facilities

    • If you maintain a Chapter facility owned by your host institution, contact your host institution to learn about policies and procedures they may have implemented at this time. Please adhere to any and all regulations/suggestions which they have in place.
    • If you maintain a Chapter facility owned by local Alumni, please follow any regulations/suggestions which that entity has in place. We also suggest contacting your host institution to see what policies and procedures they have in place, and to implement them at your facility as well.
    • Develop a plan in case your host institution moves to an online-based learning experience and to ensure that your Chapter members are safe, secure, and adequately accommodated. Associate Director of Risk Management Ryan Lugabihl is available to answer any inquiries about Crisis Management Plans. He can be reached at (404)231-1824 or via email at


    • At this time, a majority of our Chapters have completed their spring recruitment season. However, several Chapters have not yet reported New Members. Please have your Chapter Officers log into Chi Phi Connect and report any member updates as soon as possible. This will ensure that all members can receive important communications and updates such as this message.
    • If you are in the middle of recruitment, or is you are looking to conduct a second round of recruitment this spring, please make sure that you are appropriately coordinating with your host institution’s Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisor and taking all precautionary measures for recruitment events.

    New Member Education

    • Many of our Chapters are in the middle of their New Member Education process. Please review your New Member Education resource guide and:
      • Identify any opportunities for remote learning for New Members which would traditionally be held online. GreekLifeEDU is required to be conducted completely online.
      • Limit the amount of events where large numbers of members and guests might gather.
    • If your host institution moves to remote learning for the remainder of the spring, please notify the National Office. We will work with you to alter expectations accordingly.
    • Remember that Chi Phi has created two-, four-, and six-week New Member Education Plans which your Chapter can adopt. These can help ease your transition into an online-based New Member Education program.
    • With any questions about modifying your New Member Education process to take place online, contact your Chapter’s Leadership Consultant for guidance.


    • At this time, we ask that all Chapters and Colonies revisit their New Member Education plans accordingly, and to conduct all Initiations as soon as possible.
    • If the situation at your host institution or within your local Chapter prevents you from conducting Initiation by this time, please contact the National Office immediately. We will work with you to establish an alternate timeline on a case-by-case basis.

    Social & Philanthropic Events

    • Please follow the recommendations made by your host institution regarding social engagements, philanthropic events, fundraisers, and other gatherings (including fraternity/sorority formals).
    • If your host institution recommends canceling all formal meetings/gatherings, please reach out to the National Office to discuss how to conduct alternative Chapter meetings.
    Download Chi Phi's Resource Guide

    This is a live document which will be updated as more information is available

  • Regional Leadership Alliances Make an Impact Across the Country

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    Chi Phi’s most widely attended event of the year, the Regional Leadership Alliances, are entering their final week with the last two RLAs coming up on Saturday, March 7,  at Cornell University and Southern Utah University.

    This has been an exciting year of introducing a new, one-day format for RLA. Participants now have the option to choose one of six tracks to follow; Education, Finances, Outreach, Recruitment, Risk Management, or Ritual. These track sessions cover everything from Alumni relations and campus presence to how to properly format a budget and communicate expectations among membership.

    One member said that the 2020 RLA “was a great experience that allowed me to meet brothers from different chapters and learn more about the Chi Phi Fraternity,” while another described it as “a great way to learn about the fraternity and further build myself into a better man.”

    With 97% of survey responses recommending other Brothers to attend an RLA, Chi Phi is more than happy with the results of RLA’s new format.

    The Fraternity is especially thankful this year to our volunteer facilitators and host Chapters and campuses (in addition to the ones above); Ohio Wesleyan University, Iowa State University, UNC Chapel Hill, Lafayette College, Georgia Southwestern State University, and UT Dallas. 

    After a spring packed with leadership programs and other events, including six previous RLAs on campuses across the country, the Fraternity is just about ready to rest and recuperate before our next major program. Regional Ritual Retreats begin in May and have proven to be one of the most popular events hosted by Chi Phi each year. Join us at UC Berkeley, Cornell University, and the University of Alabama this summer for an in-depth exploration of our Ritual & Heritage, hosted by experts in our customs. Registration will be open soon through Chi Phi Connect.

    Above: Participants and Facilitators at the Texas RLA gathered at UT Dallas, including members of the recently refounded Nu Colony at UT Austin.

    Below: Brothers from four Chapters work together during a breakout session at the Southeast RLA at Georgia Southwestern, where they discussed Risk Management Policies and building a stronger Chapter through accountability.

  • Status of the Alpha-Tau Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity at the University of Michigan

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    On January 11, 2020, the Grand Council of the Chi Phi Fraternity announced the temporary suspension of the Alpha-Tau Chapter at the University of Michigan for a period of four years. The suspension took effect immediately and all undergraduate members of the Chapter were placed on alumni status.

    This action has been endorsed and upheld by disciplinary action taken by the University of Michigan.

    Any continued activities occurring on the University of Michigan campus by anyone presenting themselves as members of the Chi Phi Fraternity is in violation of these sanctions and should be reported to the Fraternity’s Executive Director, Michael Azarian, at or by calling (404)231-1824.

  • Fraternal Composites Joins Chi Phi as a new Preferred Partner

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    The Chi Phi Fraternity is excited to announce that an undertaking by Grand Delta David J. Ebner, Delta Zeta 2008, has met with fruitful results. Brother Ebner has worked diligently to partner with corporations across the country to become our Fraternity’s preferred vendors in an ongoing effort to increase non-dues revenue.

    Our preferred vendors represent a wide array of industries, and each offers its own benefits to our members. These partners have stepped up to help the Fraternity in our efforts and are our first partners in the new program. Although you are welcome to use any licensed vendor for these services, Chi Phi receives a higher royalty payment when we patronize these great partners.

    Please consider them when you are shopping for services for your Chapter; each dollar spent with them means less dependence on our dues-based revenue.

    We are especially thankful to Fraternal Composite Service our exclusive composite partner for sponsoring Chi Phi Chapters throughout 2020. 

    About Fraternal Composite Services Inc.

    For over 65 years Fraternal Composite Service, Inc. ® has served the Greek Community by producing the most artistic and long lasting composites available today.  Our team combines the best that digital photography has to offer with our tradition of handcrafting composites, creating what we firmly believe are the most artistic and long lasting composites available today.

    Learn more on their website.

    Please spend time getting to know Fraternal Composites and the services they provide that can help your Chapter.

    For more information about these partnerships, please email Grand Delta David J Ebner at

  • Grand Alpha Nominations Now Open

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    Pursuant to Article X, Section 4 of the Constitution, Grand Alpha Robert K. Walker has appointed the following five Brothers to the Grand Alpha Nominating Committee:

    • James P. Soderquist, Alpha 1967, Epsilon 2014;
    • Ronald P. Frank, Nu Delta 1983, Iota Zeta 1989, Delta Zeta 2000;
    • Rocco Henry Carnevale, Mu 1980;
    • Joseph O. Hawkins, Lambda 1980;
    • Hunter C. Bond, Delta Theta 2021

    The election of the Grand Alpha takes place at Congress on even numbered years, meaning that the 155th Congress on July 31-August 2, 2020, will elect the Grand Alpha to serve from 2021-2023, with one year of service as Grand Alpha-Elect prior to taking office.

    Nominations may be made by any Brother, but candidates for Grand Alpha must meet certain criteria.

    For details on qualifications and to nominate a Brother, go to the page for our Grand Alpha Nominating Committee.

  • CMU Colony Chartered as Tau Theta Chapter

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    Brothers, Friends, and parents of members at Central Michigan University came together at Mt. Pleasant on November 9 to celebrate the success of our men on campus as the former CMU Colony became the Tau Theta Chapter, joining the Chi Phi Fraternity as our fifty-second active, Chartered Chapter.

    Founded in the fall of 2017, Central Michigan marked Chi Phi’s first expansion in the state since 1921. The Founding Fathers of Tau Theta wasted no time in finding their spot on campus and easily immersed themselves in the Greek Community. With this hard work and dedication, Tau Theta is now an established Chapter which has steadily grown in both numbers and performance these past two years.

    With more than 100 people present for their Chartering Ceremony, including Alumni Brothers from Iota, Mu, Alpha-Tau, Alpha-Chi, Iota Delta, Rho Delta, and Psi Delta, it was certainly an occasion to celebrate.

    Chapter Alpha Matt Schultz, Tau Theta 2020, says that “being a part of the founding class of Chi Phi at CMU was one of the best opportunities I’ve been given in my short college career. Now being recognized as the Tau Theta Chapter is a great honor displaying that we live up to the Chi Phi values. I’ve surrounded myself with lifelong Brothers that have shaped this opportunity into great experiences and great success. Though successful, Tau Theta is just at the beginning of many years of success. I’m excited to visit CMU in the future to discover what the Brothers have accomplished through the union of congenial minds.”

    Indeed, the entire Chi Phi Fraternity is excited to see what the Tau Theta Chapter will accomplish. Their dedication to our shared Values of Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity has already proven their commitment to this Fraternity, and their resolve to promote these Values in their community.

    Above: Tau Theta members with Executive Director Michael Azarian, just before the official unveiling of their Charter on November 9, 2019.

    Below: Alpha Matt Schultz (center, with Charter) with other Tau Theta Officers, Alumni, and Grand Alpha Bob Walker.

  • Chi Phi Returns to UT Austin, Establishes at Tampa

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    This fall has been a busy time for the Fraternity with expansion opportunities at two major campuses.

    First established in 1892, Nu at the University of Texas at Austin was Chi Phi’s first Chapter in the Lonestar State. Nu has given rise to historic figures such as CBS Anchorman Walter Cronkite, Nu 1937, and Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe, Nu 1940, as well as our current Grand Eta Steve Hopkins, Nu 1999.

    The nine men who will carry on Chi Phi’s legacy at UT were Initiated into our Brotherhood on October 20 by the men at the Psi Zeta Chapter at the University of Texas at Dallas. They join a very active fraternity scene on campus and are backed by an extensive network of Nu Alumni. Alpha Wade Smith, Nu 2021, says he is most excited about having “a chance to reestablish our presence on campus and become an influential organization. I hope we can expand our Brotherhood as this school year goes along, and I hope we are able to positively impact our campus and the Austin community.”

    Chi Phi is now present at the University of Tampa for the first time, where thirteen young men were Initiated on October 27 by the Brothers of the Xi Delta Chapter at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. Our group at Tampa is now one of thirteen fraternities on campus and the latest in Chi Phi’s long legacy in the State of Florida.

    The Alpha at the University of Tampa, Nick Scozzari, Tampa Colony 2022, says that our Brothers at Tampa hope “to establish an environment that is accepting and community-driven in the coming future. The Colony and I look forward to recruiting New Members and growing our brand as Chi Phi.”

    Reflecting on the successful establishment of Chi Phi at Texas and Tampa, Director of Growth and Alumni Services John Fisher, Delta Pi 2013, says that he looks forward to “continuing to support and work with these men as they grow themselves and their respective Colony on campus and in their community. Chi Phi has a bright future with these men.”

    As they work to establish their mission, vision, and goals for the coming years, Chi Phi is built for success with Brothers on both campuses from diverse backgrounds and interests, and who represent an array of academic fields, including environmental engineering, chemistry, finance, marine biology, and exercise science. We are excited to see what the rest of the year will bring for them.

    Above: The men of Nu at Texas following their Pledging Ceremony on October 13, held at the base of The Tower on UT’s campus.

    Below: New Members at the University of Tampa were pinned in a chapel on campus on October 19.

  • Chi Phi Prepares for a new edition of the Three Star Book

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    Join us to preserve our Heritage and delivering our Ritual to a new generation of Chi Phi Brothers

    Dear Brother,

    We are reprinting our Three Star Book, also known as the Custom Book, and you have the unique opportunity to be a part of our Chi Phi history!

    The Three Star Book contains our sacred Ritual. The birth of our Ritual occurred nearly two centuries ago, and became a means to define our purpose and bind us in fellowship and values. Through a series of oaths and historical lessons, the Ritual we perform teaches us about the life-long commitment we promise to the Fraternity, shows the historical context of our organization, and – most importantly – lays out the standard to which we hold ourselves. It is a way to pay homage to our Founders and reminds us of the privilege to be Chi Phi.

    When we think about this Book, what comes to mind? Perhaps memories of that time you officially became a Brother, learning the deeper meaning of Chi Phi, or the lifelong promise you made to the Fraternity. Whatever the memories are, the spirit of our Brotherhood is and forever will be embodied in our sacred Ritual contained within this Book. The Three Star Book is our Fraternity’s most treasured document, and, despite cultural changes, it is the one constant that provides us with the inspiration and guidance to keep us on course for continual existence.

    In recent years, we assembled a group of passionate Alumni to spearhead strengthening Ritual in our Fraternity. Through this committee, we developed new resources for Chapters, additional training at national programming, and an entirely new national program focused exclusively on our Ritual and Heritage; the Regional Ritual Retreat (RRR).

    The most exciting and impactful project, however, is our work being done toward updating and reprinting our Three Star Book. This has only happened a few times in our Fraternity’s history. The first printed edition of the Book appeared in 1902 and our most recent printing was in 2005. We could not be more excited to announce that we are producing a new edition in 2020!

    The new edition will be updated with additional Ceremonies, history, diagrams, the Creed, and more! The overarching goal is to provide a better resource to our undergraduate and Alumni Brothers while preserving the sanctity of the Book. Moreover, our plan is to give each Chapter six copies of the Book so that they can efficiently perform each of our Ceremonies.

    Since this is such a unique moment in our Fraternity’s history, we are offering every Brother, Alumni Association, and Chapter the opportunity to donate to the Three Star Campaign and have their respective name listed in the Book as a Three Star Donor. This generous donation will help us fund the production of the Book and ultimately make a dramatic impact on our Fraternity. We are, however, only offering a limited number of just twenty-four donor spots. The donors’ names will be listed on a “Very Special Thanks” page at the beginning of the new Three Star Book and they will receive an exclusive special edition copy. The donation amount is, appropriately, $1,824, and can be paid in multiple payments. The Three Star Campaign will only last through the end of the year.

    Donate today

    If you are interested in participating in this once-in-a-lifetime Chi Phi opportunity and have your name immortalized in Chi Phi history, please contact us to claim one of the twenty-four spots available. If there is any other gift amount with which you are more comfortable, every dollar makes a difference.

    Thank you for your continued support of our unique heritage and the indispensable Ritual which binds us together.


    Matt Scheller, Psi 2007
    Grand Zeta

    Learn more about funding the Three Star Book:

    What are the benefits of donating to the Three Star Campaign?

    The benefits to our Brothers and Fraternity are vast, but there is a personal benefit to those contributing $1,824 or more to this Campaign. The first twenty-four Brothers to commit this amount will see their names appear on a special dedication page in the front of the Three Star Book, immortalized in Chi Phi history forever.

    Do I have to donate at the $1,824 level?

    No! A gift of any amount is appreciated and will help Chi Phi’s efforts to provide our members with the tools needed for our Ritual.

    Can I split my donation into payments?

    Yes! A donation of any size can be made in monthly installments via PayPal or check sent to the National Office. To meet the $1,824 mark, a recurring payment of $152 a month for twelve months can be established.

    What happens with any funds raised beyond the cost of printing a new edition?

    Money raised through this Campaign is dedicated solely to purposes benefitting our Ritual and heritage. Anything raised beyond the costs associated with the new edition will be used for programs like the Regional Ritual Retreat.

    Will my gift be tax-deductible?

    No. The Chi Phi Fraternity is a 501(c)(7) organization, meaning contributions are not eligible for a tax-deduction. Contributions to the Chi Phi Educational Trust – a 501(c)(3) organization – are tax-deductible but cannot be used to fund the Three Star Book or Ritual.

    Who should I contact with any questions?

    Grand Zeta Matt Scheller,, is coordinating the Three Star Campaign. He does not have a direct line at the National Office, but please call (404)231-1824 and they will do their best to answer any immediate questions you may have.