Created in 1924 in honor of Edwin Erle Sparks, Alpha-Chi 1884, Iota 1884, president emeritus of Pennsylvania State University, and a truly great Chi Phi. The Sparks Memorial Medal is awarded by the Chi Phi Educational Trust each year.

The Sparks Memorial Medal is Chi Phi’s highest award for individual academic achievement, reserved exclusively for those Brothers who have excelled in their academic rigors. It is awarded to the man in each Chapter and Colony who has attained the highest scholastic standing for that year. 

A truly singular honor, the Sparks Memorial Medal itself contains many historic symbols. A bar that bears the faces of the Hobart Order serves as the top anchor. It contains the word “Paideia,” Greek for “learning acquired by education.” A scarlet and blue ribbon, colors identical to those of the Hobart Order, suspends the medal from the bar pin. The medal is an embossed replica of the old Princeton pin containing the symbolic swords of the Southern Order and the stars of the Princeton Order. At the top and the bottom of the Phi is the name “Sparks Medal.”

Since only one medal can be awarded to each Chapter and Colony, the task of selecting the recipients can sometimes be quite Herculean. However, in the rare event of a tie in GPA, multiple Medals may be awarded.

Sparks Medal Nomination

Sparks Medal Nomination

The winner must have been an initiated member for the entire year.
Nominations for Sparks Memorial Medal can be made by a Campus Greek Advisor, Campus Professional, Chapter Advisor, or Faculty Advisor.


Past Recipients


Ben Arnold, Alpha-Chi 2020
Nick Bolino, Alpha-Tau 2021
Daniel Celic, Theta 2021
Gary Cheng, Lambda 2019
Zachary Chieco, Mu 2020
Reed Coffey, Xi Delta 2020*
John Colendenski, Alpha Delta 2021
Benjamin Cradin, Zeta Theta 2020
Bryce Friederich, Alpha-Pi 2021
Jack Goellner, Delta Xi 2019
Denim Grzesik, Alpha Zeta 2019
Jared Hegyi, Iota 2020
Harrison Hicks, Psi Zeta 2020*
Sam Hunt Phi, Lambda Theta 2020
Conor Leahy, Psi 2020*
David Niemynski, Kappa Delta 2021
Nic Rodriguez, Beta 2020
Arjun Sanyal, Sigma Delta 2020
Tyrell Snagg, Rho Delta 2023
Jack Troiano, Delta Theta 2021
Sid Vijay, Rho 2021
Marc Wade, Alpha Theta Chi 2020
Brandon Williams, Omega Zeta 2019
Ivan Zepeda, Lambda Theta 2020
Ryan Ziegelmann, CMU Colony 2020


Reed Coffey, Xi Delta 2020*
James Dale, Alpha-Tau 2020
Dylan Di Florio, Delta 2020
Kyle Empen, Alpha-Pi 2020
David Favrot III, Delta Theta 2020
Carson Fields, Delta Pi 2018
Harrison Hicks, Psi Zeta 2020*
Zoltan Illes, Kappa Delta 2020
Johnny Maier, Eta 2019
Arman Niknafs, Rho Delta 2019
Thomas Oggier, Alpha-Chi 2019
Frank Oliu, Alpha Delta 2020
Dylan Parker, Phi Delta 2020
Jake Robinson, Alpha Zeta 2018
Sean Tocci, Lambda Theta 2019*
Jack Van Sant, Mu 2020
Michael Williams, Omega Zeta 2019*


Jake Cruz, Psi Zeta 2017
Nicolas John Dante Dilliott, Sigma Delta 2018
Parker Thomas Doyle, Tau Zeta 2019
Juan Bautista Garza, Lambda Zeta 2017
Jeff Kallen, Omicron Theta 2018
Conor James Leahy, Psi 2020*
George Daniel Mendez, Kappa Delta 2017
Alexander Luis Michaels, Xi Delta 2017
Pedro Pablo Ravelo, Nu Delta 2017
Kenneth David Rexer, Mu 2019
Jacob Hawkins Simpson, Alpha-Chi 2017
Sean Tocci, Lambda Theta 2019*
Kamron M. Van Hulzen, Alpha-Pi 2020

* = Two-Time Recipient