We are thrilled to announce that the 155th Congress will be hosted at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia the weekend of July 31-August 2, 2020!

For a tentative schedule of events, see the schedule from the 154th Congress in this PDF.

Pennsylvania hosts five Chi Phi Chapters, and more than 1,000 Brothers call the Philadelphia area home, making the city of Brotherly Love a prime location for our own Brothers to gather.

The 155th Congress will be responsible for electing a Brother to take the office of Grand Alpha in 2021. We hope you can join us for this momentous occasion to partake in Brotherhood and good times and to help decide the future of our Fraternity!

Congressional Delegates from Chapters and Colonies, Alumni Associations, City Clubs, and Housing Corporations will be critical in adopting the Fraternity’s 2020-2021 budget and financial policies and discussing Member Education, Accreditation, and Ritual, among other legislation that our Brothers propose.

Registration for Congress will be through Chi Phi Connect. Trouble signing up or logging in? Contact our office!

The Congressional Hotel will be the Bellevue Hotel Philadelphia, located at 200 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 19102. You can see more about our accommodations at thebellevuehotel.com. Our room block is not open yet.

Fraternity Staff cannot make your room reservation for you, and it does not automatically register you for Congress.

Looking for photos from the 154th Congress in Indianapolis?

Thanks to GreekYearbook for being our official convention photography company. All photos from convention can be found online. GreekYearbook provides the best in sorority and fraternity composite, bid day, and convention photography for thousands of sorority and fraternity members across the United States and Canada.

What is Congress?

Congress is the supreme authority of the Fraternity. Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution states that “The legislative power of the Fraternity, except as otherwise provided in the Constitution, is vested exclusively in the Congress.” During the day, Congress spends its time conducting the affairs of the Fraternity, and the evenings are spent enjoying the host city and the Bonds of Brotherhood. Attendees will be from all different generations and all corners of the country.

During the Congressional sessions, Chapter, Colony, and Alumni delegates will each have their own place on the floor of Congress. At Congress, the voice of every Brother is heard as an equal. Delegates will meet to evaluate new and existing policies, adopt Chi Phi’s 2020-2021 budget, and consider any new legislation. Congress will also elect a Brother to serve as Grand Alpha, his term beginning at Congress in 2021. Our 2019-2020 award winners will also be recognized during the weekend.

Who Goes to Congress?

Including delegates, national leaders, spouses, guests, honorees, and banquet/leadership dinner participants, nearly 250 people participate in the annual Congress. Every Chapter is obligated to send two voting delegates. Every Colony is obligated to send one voting delegate and one non-voting delegate. Every registered Alumni Association and Chi Phi Club is entitled to one voting delegate. House Corporations are encouraged to attend but have no voting rights. Chapters, Colonies, Alumni Associations, Chi Phi Clubs, and House Corporations are encouraged to send additional representatives – although not required to do so.

Typically, the Alpha and Beta or the Alumni Association President serve as their group’s delegates; however, any Brother can be elected to serve as his Chapter, Colony, Club, or Alumni Association’s delegate.

In addition, the Grand Council, the National Fraternity Staff, the Educational Trust Staff, the Board of Governors, and the Board of Trustees will be present. Additional non-voting or alternate delegates are welcome to attend, however all participants must pay the full registration fee per delegate to attend and participate in any Congressional activities. Registration as a delegate does not constitute or include registration with the hotel.

We have learned that Chi Phi and family complement each other nicely. While our Brothers conduct the business of the Fraternity through committee meetings and Congressional sessions, guests may enjoy the host city and get to know each other as well. Lasting friendships are formed which have been credited with increasing Alumni participation.