Looking for our Frontline Hero profiles?

You can read about our featured Brothers in the Fall 2020 edition of the Chi Phi Chakett, and here on our website.

No doubt these past six months have been extremely challenging for everyone. From quarantines to social distancing, our lives have been turned upside down. However, through all the attempts to “flatten the curve” and understand our “new normal”, the frontline workers have been tirelessly working in the midst of the chaos.

Because of this, we would like to feature our Brothers who are considered essential personnel in the fall edition of The Chakett and online. Healthcare workers, law enforcement, public safety officers, first responders, medical researchers, educators, retail, and public works employees (just to name a few): We want to thank YOU!

If you or a Brother you know has been working the frontlines throughout the pandemic, please fill out this nomination form. We would be honored to share their story and say thank you!

Would you like to attach a photo to your nomination? Please email any photos (with consent of those pictured) to Dan Coutcher at coutcher@chiphi.org to be included in The Chakett or on social media.