Join Chi Phi

While each member will bring something different to the group, there are certain expectations that all members must meet. As a member of a Chi Phi Chapter or Colony, you would be expected to contribute your time, your energy, and your actions to the overall cause of the organization. All members of our organization wear the same badge, and thus all members must contribute to the stability of the group. As a member of Chi Phi, you would be expected to attend weekly Chapter meetings, take up a position of responsibility as an officer, committee chairman or member, participate in at least one campus activity, and keep your GPA at or above the all men's average.

Being a Chi Phi is also about being a gentleman. A truly chivalrous Fraternity, Chi Phi's southern heritage instills an element of etiquette, demeanor, and proper social graces into our culture. Chi Phi has espoused those characteristics for almost two centuries and even today promotes such actions through New Member educational programs, regular social activities with campus sororities, and even philanthropic work with the charities and within the community. Most importantly, however, one can see the chivalric nature of our Fraternity in the day-to-day actions of our members.

No different from any club, organization, or association, being a Chi Phi costs money. You don't have to be rich to be Greek, but you do have to be a contributing member. The following is a rough outline of the financial requirements of membership to Chi Phi:

New Membership Dues – First Semester

  • $90 one-time pledging fee
  • $240 one-time initiation fee
  • Local dues as stipulated by the Chapter

National Membership Dues – Subsequent Semesters

  • $60 per semester National membership dues
  • $65 liability insurance (Billed $130 in the Fall semester)

One of the least expensive of all men’s fraternities in the nation

There are also a few things you should not expect from joining The Chi Phi Fraternity. Hazing of any type is not tolerated within Chi Phi and all forms of substance abuse are vehemently prohibited. The highest degree of respect is afforded to all of those associated with Chi Phi. Chi Phi's proactive nature and aggressive stances against degradation of any kind provides our members with greater opportunities for personal growth and development.