The Loyalty Campaign

Building Better Men through Fraternity

What is the Loyalty Campaign?

The Loyalty Campaign is a once-a-year effort by the Chi Phi Fraternity to further our goal of creating an opportunity for men to become Brothers though lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, and character development.

Continued support from our Alumni Brothers and Friends of Chi Phi are critical to our Fraternity remaining the stronghold for Brotherhood based on Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity that it has been for nearly 200 years. With this support our Brothers emerge from their college experience as leaders with the sensitivity, determination, and skill to take on life’s challenges.

Matching our efforts with contributions from our Brothers and Friends creates the opportunity for men to experience fraternity who, otherwise, may not be afforded that chance. With your support, the Loyalty Campaign will offset the rising costs associated with Greek Life membership.

Please read on below to learn more about the programs and expenses that your donation will help support. Hear about the impact that Chi Phi has had on our Brothers across the country!

How can I give to the Loyalty Campaign?

Contributions to the Loyalty Campaign, an investment in the success of our Brothers, should be directed to the Chi Phi Fraternity.

You can make an online donation via PayPal by clicking the button below. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a PayPal account!)

Questions or concerns? You may reach our office at any time by emailing or calling our office at (404)231-1824.

You may also send a check payable to the Chi Phi Fraternity to:

William M. Byrd Chi Phi National Headquarters
Attn: Loyalty Campaign
1160 Satellite Blvd.
Suwanee, GA 30024

The Pi Theta Chapter at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, recipient of Chi Phi’s 2018 Outstanding Philanthropic Achievement Award, spent part of their Thanksgiving Break giving back to their community by preparing and serving a Thanksgiving dinner at their local Salvation Army.

Our Brothers at Pi Theta are just one group of outstanding young men who have been impacted by the rising costs of membership, and who will benefit from having these costs offset through the Loyalty Campaign.

Read more about Pi Theta’s community service here.

What will funds raised through the Loyalty Campaign be used for?

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Of the several items which the Chi Phi Educational Trust is unable to provide assistance for, Ritual is one of them. Keeping our Chapters and Colonies well equipped and educated on our Heritage & Customs is critical to the preservation of our Fraternity.

The Loyalty Campaign will be used to help offset the costs associated with our members acquiring vital equipment and funding the Regional Ritual Retreats. RRR, as the program is known, is now entering its fourth year and is a unique program in which participants perform and learn the history behind our Ritual and what makes Chi Phi unique from other Greek organizations.

The RRR program is provided at no cost to our members, both undergraduates and Alumni. 90% of funding for the program comes through the Fraternity by means of Alumni donations and undergraduate dues, with the remaining 10% coming from a grant through the Trust for the small portion of RRR which they can legally provide funding for.

With your support, we can continue to expand this program’s reach to our members and help preserve our history and promote the Values which make Chi Phi the organization it is today.


You may be thinking to yourself; Insurance? What insurance?

Chi Phi, like many national Greek organizations, did not carry liability insurance until the late 1980s, meaning many older Brothers have never experienced the costs associated with maintaining this coverage. From protecting the Fraternity and individuals from civil litigation and trip and fall incidents, our liability insurance also covers Chapters, Alumni Associations, City Clubs, Housing Corporations, and the Chi Phi Educational Trust, plus all elected officers and individual members.

In short, it is vital for Chi Phi to maintain this coverage in order to best ensure the future of our Fraternity and the well-being of our members. The consistent rise in our insurance premiums, however, may soon make the program cost-prohibitive. In 2014, our annual premium billed to each undergraduate member was $130; today it has more than doubled to $263, this while losing millions of dollars in coverage simply because it is no longer available to Greek organizations. For coverage in 2018-2019, Chi Phi’s premium costs totaled $468,372.

Despite the wide-reaching coverage and benefit to all members and entities of Chi Phi, paying for our insurance has fallen almost entirely on the shoulders of our undergraduate members. With the price having more than doubled in the last few years, insurance alone may soon price young men out of our Brotherhood. With support gained from the Loyalty Campaign, we can help relieve the great pressure that insurance has put on our undergraduate members through no fault of their own.


Did you know that Chi Phi’s annual Congress is paid for entirely through fees charged to our Chapters and Colonies?

Congress, the preeminent body of power within the Chi Phi Fraternity, is no small undertaking each year. In 2019, we are thrilled to be hosting the 154th Chi Phi Congress in Indianapolis, hosted by our newly reorganized Iota Delta Colony at Indiana University. The 155th Congress in 2020 will be held in Philadelphia, hosted by our many and proud Chapters in Pennsylvania.

Though most of the delegates at Congress hail from our Chapters across the country, each Alumni Association, City Club, and Housing Corporation is also entitled to representation. Unlike the charges made to Chapters, Alumni organizations are only charged a delegate fee if they are present at Congress. Many Chapters, for financial reasons, are unable to attend Congress, but are still charged for their two delegates. The delegate fee for the 153rd Congress in Atlanta was $550 each, meaning each Chapter, regardless of size or financial standing, was invoiced $1,100.

No Chapter should forego representation at Congress because they cannot afford to be present. This is the single most critical event to our Brotherhood and the future of Chi Phi as a national organization. Representation of every entity at Congress is essential to our success and continual existence.

The Loyalty Campaign will help address the issue of the costs associated with attendance at Congress, namely mollifying the rising rate of the delegate fee, which fluctuates annually based on the price of holding Congress at that location. With assistance from our Alumni and Friends, we can help Chapters in need by reducing the costs associated with the largest and most important Chi Phi event each year.

Growth and Expansion

While much of the cost of returning to a campus is covered by local Alumni, expansion opportunities at new campuses are paid through undergraduate dues.

A gift to the Loyalty Campaign can help fund Chi Phi’s growth and expansion by giving the Fraternity enough capital to take on additional expansion opportunities without placing a burden on our young Brothers. Each expansion project which Chi Phi undertakes, on average, costs the Colony Alumni or National Fraternity between $20,000-$30,000, which is used for staff training, room and board during the expansion, and the cost of recruitment activities on campus.

Combined with rising membership costs and the cloud hanging over Greek Like on some campuses, the short-term cost of expansion often outweighs the long-term benefits. These expenses are causing Chapters to throw in the towel at the same rate at which we are opening Colonies.

With support from Alumni and Friends across the country, Chi Phi will be able to take on more expansion projects in the coming years as we gain the ability to provide staff and resources to these projects without pulling any away from other areas of need, like program support and Chapter education.

Support gained from the Loyalty Campaign will make Chi Phi well poised to achieve our goal of having 70 active Chapters on the rolls when we celebrate our Fraternity’s Bicentennial in 2024.

Upcoming Expansion Opportunities

Spring 2019

Gamma Colony at Emory University – Atlanta, Georgia

Iota Delta Colony at Indiana University – Bloomington, Indiana

Fall 2019

Nu Colony at University of Texas at Austin – Austin, Texas

Tampa Colony at University of Tampa – Tampa, Florida
*New campus

2020 and Beyond

Epsilon Delta Colony at Oregon State University – Corvallis, Oregon

Nu Delta Colony at Florida State University – Tallahassee, Florida

Rho Iota Kappa Colony at University of Rhode Island – South Kingstown, Rhode Island

UIC Colony at University of Illinois at Chicago – Chicago, Illinois
*New campus

Chapter and Colony Development

At the heart of the fraternity experience is the opportunity to become a better man. Chi Phi has been at the forefront of the fraternal movement since our inception in 1824. Today, the most important element to Building Better Men is providing them not just with lifelong friendships, but also with leadership opportunities and programs emphasizing character development.

Outside of our regional and national events, the Chapter/Colony Visitation Program has proven to be a critical element of Chi Phi’s mission. In addition to providing insight on Fraternity operations and lending a hand to Chapter/Colony Officers, Chi Phi’s Leadership Consultants can also provide recruitment training, membership retreats, Ritual education, and risk management and social event safety training during their campus visits.

While much of this time and travel expense is absorbed by grants from the Educational Trust, providing Ritual education for our Chapters/Colonies and ensuring a meaningful Brotherhood or Executive Council retreat is often prohibited based purely on cost. With support from donors, Chi Phi can make sure that exclusive training and consulting from our staff can be given to each Chapter/Colony that needs it.

In addition to on-site training, gifts to the Loyalty Campaign can also be used to help Chapters and Colonies develop through attendance at national programs like Regional Ritual Retreats and Congress. The cost associated with these events falls well outside the legal boundaries set for funding from the Educational Trust, leaving our Brothers to foot the bill for their travel and lodging.

A donation to the Loyalty Campaign will help Chi Phi continue to succeed where we have been strongest; supporting our undergraduate members through leadership development and educational opportunities.

What if I want my donation to be tax-deductible?

It is important to note that donations to the Chi Phi Fraternity are not tax-deductible.

However, the Chi Phi Educational Trust is a 501(c)3 organization, and funds donated to the Trust are eligible for a tax deduction. If you are seeking a tax deduction for your donation, please consider making it to the Total Membership Education Fund through the Educational Trust.

The Total Membership Education (TME) Fund was established in 2009 and has wide-ranging application through program grants, scholarships, and assistance in traveling to educational programs hosted by Chi Phi, including Alphas and Thetas Academy and Regional Leadership Alliances.

You can make your donation to the TME Fund by instead addressing your check to the Chi Phi Educational Trust with “Loyalty Campaign – TME Fund” on the memo line.

Hear about your impact directly from our Brothers


Thank You

Each day we are reminded of the amazing Brotherhood that we share with more than 40,000 men around the world, whose Values of Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity shine strongly long after graduation. Your continued support of these Values and our Brotherhood continue to make an impact on the more than 600 young men who join our Fraternity each year

Thank you for helping us Build Better Men and continue to offer a lifetime of Brotherhood through your support of the Loyalty Campaign.

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