The official colors for the Chi Phi Fraternity can be found below. Each color swatch lists multiple formats of the color codes. Chi Phi uses the font Verdana for all of its publications. If you have any questions, please contact the National Fraternity Staff at


Pantone: 185 C

RGB: 232, 17, 45

CMYK: 2, 100, 91, 0

Web safe: #E8112D


Pantone: 286 C

RGB: 0, 56, 168

CMYK: 100, 88, 0, 0

Web safe: #0038A8


Pantone: 750 M

RGB: 226, 168, 86

CMYK: 0, 30, 72, 11

Web Safe: #E2A856

Chakett (Color)

Chi Phi Fraternity Crest (Color)

Chi Phi Fraternity Watermark

Chakett with Chi and Phi (Black & White)

Chakett Superimposed with Chi and Phi (Black & White)

Chi Phi Fraternity Logo Request form

Chi Phi Fraternity Logo Request form

The Chi Phi Fraternity makes its logos and word-marks available to its Members. If you would like to gain access to a print quality version of a logo please fill out all the information below. A member of Fraternity Staff will contact you within 5 business days.