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Congress Votes to Adopt National Flower

By June 27, 2019National News

The 154th Chi Phi Congress voted to adopt as our official flower, the white chrysanthemum. 

Recognizing that our Fraternity had no flower to present to sweethearts, at banquets, and at funerals of Brothers that have entered Chapter Eternal, Brothers committed themselves to researching a meaningful symbol of Chi Phi. 

Congress voted to adopt the white chrysanthemum in honor of Joseph Tanner Wray, Phi Delta 2019, who entered Chapter Eternal in 2018.

Tanner served as the Beta of the Phi Delta Chapter and was the Chapter’s enthusiastic go-to man for all Chi Phi knowledge.

Commonly known just as “mums,” the flower came forward after much thought and internal debate from individual Brothers and groups alike. The symbolism associated with the white chrysanthemum put it on top, and the 154th Congress adopted the resolution put forth without dissent. 

“When Tanner passed away, Dan Hathaway, their current Alpha, asked me what our National flower was saying ‘Tanner probably would’ve known.’ When I went to send flowers, I had to go with the generic ‘red and blue.’ I also noticed how long it took us to get a crest. I figured it was the same reason we don’t have a flower. After researching for months, I narrowed it down to 10. The white chrysanthemum was chosen for the meaning of truth, loyalty, honesty, Lasting Friendship and Non-romantic Affection, and Enduring Life and Rebirth. It is also the flower of November, the month of the founding of the Hobart Order. The resolution was passed to honor Tanner.”

– Christian Sutton, Theta Delta 2019, Phi Delta 2019

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  • Amy Schisler says:

    Thank you. Tanner would be very humbled and very honored. Much love to you all. Tanner’s mom