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Educational Trust Awards Thirty-Four Brothers with Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of Brothers, Alumni, family and friends, the Chi Phi Educational Trust is excited to announce our 2019 Scholarship Recipients!

These Brothers have proved themselves as leaders both in their Chapters and in their academic pursuits. Thanks to the generosity of Alumni, undergraduate Brothers, parents, and Friends of Chi Phi, the Educational Trust was able to award thirty-four scholarships this year – eight more than in 2018. Please join us in giving our Brothers a hearty congratulations!

Interested in supporting our Brothers and the Trust’s scholarship program? Become a Men of Virtue donor today and commit to our future leaders.

Benjamin Arnold, Alpha-Chi 2020
Alexander Bacon, Sigma Theta 2020
Darren Bogart, Alpha-Tau 2021
Chase Boone, Psi Delta Colony 2021
Joseph Burrows, Delta Pi 2021
Kamron Campbell, Xi Theta 2020
Daniel Celic, Theta 2021
Zeachary Chieco, Mu 2020
Safwan Chowdhury, Psi Zeta 2022
Benjamin Cradin, Zeta Theta 2020
Peter D’Almeida, Theta 2019
Shresttha Dubey, Omega 2020
Ramzi Ebeid, Phi Lambda Theta 2016
Carlos Flores, Phi Lambda Theta 2014
Garrett Gomez-Nieto, Lambda 2020
Spenser Gorenflo, Xi Delta 2022
Conor Hanggi, Theta 2022

Harrison Hicks, Psi Zeta 2020
Abhigyan Kotti, Rho Theta 2020
Tripp Larkey, Delta Pi 2022
Marc Leazer, Mu Delta 2020
Kevin Long, Rho 2021
Akhil Mahant, Rho Theta 2022
Calvin McKay, Mu 2020
David Niemynski, Kappa Delta 2021
Rory Plewman, Lambda 2021
Austin Rule, Alpha 2020
Evan Schumacher, CMU Colony 2020
Elias Sebti, Lambda 2019
Tyrell Snagg, Rho Delta 2023
Mitchell Spalding, Xi Delta 2020
Matthew Stafford, Alpha Theta Chi 2020
Marc Wade, Alpha Theta Chi 2020
Frayser Wall, Alpha 2021

A special thank you goes out to the Scholarship Committee for their time and dedication to our Brotherhood! The Educational Trust is grateful for their exhaustive efforts and time spent reviewing each one of our scholarship applications this year. Our 2019 Committee members are:

Chairman Nicholas A. Medina, Lambda Zeta 2008
Daniel W. Ahearn, Theta Delta 1999
Robert H. Finley, Lambda 1980
Douglas S. Howie, Mu 1983
Dr. David C. Jenkins, Delta Pi 2000
Mario L. Lento, Xi Delta 2012
Jason M. Malone, Alpha-Chi 1997
Sean P. Murphy, Lambda Theta 2008
Dr. Aaron G. Palmore, Alpha-Chi 2006
Sahil A. Patel, Gamma 2000
Andrew T. Schrimscher, Tau 1988
Norman A. Sensinger Jr., Rho 1959
Allen Shih, Gamma 2000
Dr. Eric C. Swindell, Nu 1991
Cory J. Thomas, Mu Delta 1986
MAJ Jesse R. Wentworth II, Nu Delta 2002