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Join us to preserve our Heritage and delivering our Ritual to a new generation of Chi Phi Brothers

Dear Brother,

We are reprinting our Three Star Book, also known as the Custom Book, and you have the unique opportunity to be a part of our Chi Phi history!

The Three Star Book contains our sacred Ritual. The birth of our Ritual occurred nearly two centuries ago, and became a means to define our purpose and bind us in fellowship and values. Through a series of oaths and historical lessons, the Ritual we perform teaches us about the life-long commitment we promise to the Fraternity, shows the historical context of our organization, and – most importantly – lays out the standard to which we hold ourselves. It is a way to pay homage to our Founders and reminds us of the privilege to be Chi Phi.

When we think about this Book, what comes to mind? Perhaps memories of that time you officially became a Brother, learning the deeper meaning of Chi Phi, or the lifelong promise you made to the Fraternity. Whatever the memories are, the spirit of our Brotherhood is and forever will be embodied in our sacred Ritual contained within this Book. The Three Star Book is our Fraternity’s most treasured document, and, despite cultural changes, it is the one constant that provides us with the inspiration and guidance to keep us on course for continual existence.

In recent years, we assembled a group of passionate Alumni to spearhead strengthening Ritual in our Fraternity. Through this committee, we developed new resources for Chapters, additional training at national programming, and an entirely new national program focused exclusively on our Ritual and Heritage; the Regional Ritual Retreat (RRR).

The most exciting and impactful project, however, is our work being done toward updating and reprinting our Three Star Book. This has only happened a few times in our Fraternity’s history. The first printed edition of the Book appeared in 1902 and our most recent printing was in 2005. We could not be more excited to announce that we are producing a new edition in 2020!

The new edition will be updated with additional Ceremonies, history, diagrams, the Creed, and more! The overarching goal is to provide a better resource to our undergraduate and Alumni Brothers while preserving the sanctity of the Book. Moreover, our plan is to give each Chapter six copies of the Book so that they can efficiently perform each of our Ceremonies.

Since this is such a unique moment in our Fraternity’s history, we are offering every Brother, Alumni Association, and Chapter the opportunity to donate to the Three Star Campaign and have their respective name listed in the Book as a Three Star Donor. This generous donation will help us fund the production of the Book and ultimately make a dramatic impact on our Fraternity. We are, however, only offering a limited number of just twenty-four donor spots. The donors’ names will be listed on a “Very Special Thanks” page at the beginning of the new Three Star Book and they will receive an exclusive special edition copy. The donation amount is, appropriately, $1,824, and can be paid in multiple payments. The Three Star Campaign will only last through the end of the year.

Donate today

If you are interested in participating in this once-in-a-lifetime Chi Phi opportunity and have your name immortalized in Chi Phi history, please contact us to claim one of the twenty-four spots available. If there is any other gift amount with which you are more comfortable, every dollar makes a difference.

Thank you for your continued support of our unique heritage and the indispensable Ritual which binds us together.


Matt Scheller, Psi 2007
Grand Zeta

Learn more about funding the Three Star Book:

What are the benefits of donating to the Three Star Campaign?

The benefits to our Brothers and Fraternity are vast, but there is a personal benefit to those contributing $1,824 or more to this Campaign. The first twenty-four Brothers to commit this amount will see their names appear on a special dedication page in the front of the Three Star Book, immortalized in Chi Phi history forever.

Do I have to donate at the $1,824 level?

No! A gift of any amount is appreciated and will help Chi Phi’s efforts to provide our members with the tools needed for our Ritual.

Can I split my donation into payments?

Yes! A donation of any size can be made in monthly installments via PayPal or check sent to the National Office. To meet the $1,824 mark, a recurring payment of $152 a month for twelve months can be established.

What happens with any funds raised beyond the cost of printing a new edition?

Money raised through this Campaign is dedicated solely to purposes benefitting our Ritual and heritage. Anything raised beyond the costs associated with the new edition will be used for programs like the Regional Ritual Retreat.

Will my gift be tax-deductible?

No. The Chi Phi Fraternity is a 501(c)(7) organization, meaning contributions are not eligible for a tax-deduction. Contributions to the Chi Phi Educational Trust – a 501(c)(3) organization – are tax-deductible but cannot be used to fund the Three Star Book or Ritual.

Who should I contact with any questions?

Grand Zeta Matt Scheller,, is coordinating the Three Star Campaign. He does not have a direct line at the National Office, but please call (404)231-1824 and they will do their best to answer any immediate questions you may have.