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Fraternity Update on COVID-19

This page last updated Thursday, July 2 at 4:30pm Eastern.

View the latest version of Chi Phi’s COVID-19 Resource Guide (Dropbox link) this is a live document which will be updated as more information is available

Updates on the 155th Chi Phi Congress

It is with regret that we inform you that the 155th Chi Phi Congress has been postponed. This decision was not made lightly, but with the ongoing worldwide pandemic the Grand Council unanimously chose to put the health and safety of our Brothers and guests first.

We anticipate that our Brothers will have questions about the status of Congress, so we have provided an FAQ on the topic, and more details can be found here.

The Chi Phi Educational Trust has also announced that the annual Watts Gunn Memorial Golf Tournament at the Merion Golf Club has also been placed on hold. The Educational Trust hopes to host a future tournament at Merion.

National Staff shifts to partial in-office hours

In interest of health and safety, the National Office has continued to promote social distancing among our staff. Members of our staff are in the office sporadically during normal business hours, but remain reachable via email and direct lines.

Please visit for staff emails by clicking their name or photo. You may also direct general inquiries to and a member of staff will typically reply within 24 hours.

Regional Ritual Retreats Postponed

Due to the closure of our host campuses and in the best interest for the health and safety of our attendees, the Regional Ritual Retreat (RRR) programs scheduled for this summer have been postponed. We anticipate RRRs to return in full strength for the summer of 2021.

 Spring 2020 Accreditation Submissions not Required

Accreditation submissions will not be required until Fall 2020, under an amended grading scale. Please visit for more information.

Download Chi Phi's Resource Guide

This is a live document which will be updated as more information is available

Statement and General Guidelines Regarding COVID-19

Brothers & Friends,

The past several months, we have all been inundated with information on COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its global and domestic impact. On behalf of the Grand Council and National Office, please know that Chi Phi is committed to supporting our members and Chapters throughout this time.

Please consult the information below, which answers questions which many of you have for us at this time. Should you have any further inquiries, contact the National Office Staff at (404)231-1824 or vis Specific questions about Crisis Management Plans enacted on the local Chapter level can be directed to Associate Director of Risk Management Ryan Lugabihl at

We also strongly suggest that you consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which maintains an updated webpage about COVID-19. You will find additional instructions about reducing the spread and your exposure to COVID-19.

Chapter and Colony Support

  • Please continue to take advantage of our Chapter Services team and your Leadership Consultant. They will be available via phone, email, and video conference throughout the remainder of the school year.
  • In-person Chapter visits have been suspended at this time. Leadership Consultants are currently coordinating online meetings with Chapters who had previously scheduled a visit time.

Chapter Meetings and Activities

  • Follow the recommendations made by your host institution regarding Chapter meetings and other group activities.
  • If your host institution has recommended canceling all in-person meetings and activities, please reach out to the National Office to discuss coordinating remote meetings. We also recommend that you review this article that highlights the best way to engage remote meetings.

For Alumni and Volunteers

  • Coordinate with your Chapter’s Executive Council to see the plans they have in place for the reminder of the semester. Do any Brotherhood, social, or service events need to be rescheduled?
  • Identify questions, concerns, or needed resources and let the National Office know how we can be of help.

Chapter Facilities

  • If you maintain a Chapter facility owned by your host institution, contact your host institution to learn about policies and procedures they may have implemented at this time. Please adhere to any and all regulations/suggestions which they have in place.
  • If you maintain a Chapter facility owned by local Alumni, please follow any regulations/suggestions which that entity has in place. We also suggest contacting your host institution to see what policies and procedures they have in place, and to implement them at your facility as well.
  • Develop a plan in case your host institution moves to an online-based learning experience and to ensure that your Chapter members are safe, secure, and adequately accommodated. Associate Director of Risk Management Ryan Lugabihl is available to answer any inquiries about Crisis Management Plans. He can be reached at (404)231-1824 or via email at


  • At this time, a majority of our Chapters have completed their spring recruitment season. However, several Chapters have not yet reported New Members. Please have your Chapter Officers log into Chi Phi Connect and report any member updates as soon as possible. This will ensure that all members can receive important communications and updates such as this message.
  • If you are in the middle of recruitment, or is you are looking to conduct a second round of recruitment this spring, please make sure that you are appropriately coordinating with your host institution’s Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisor and taking all precautionary measures for recruitment events.

New Member Education

  • Many of our Chapters are in the middle of their New Member Education process. Please review your New Member Education resource guide and:
    • Identify any opportunities for remote learning for New Members which would traditionally be held online. GreekLifeEDU is required to be conducted completely online.
    • Limit the amount of events where large numbers of members and guests might gather.
  • If your host institution moves to remote learning for the remainder of the spring, please notify the National Office. We will work with you to alter expectations accordingly.
  • Remember that Chi Phi has created two-, four-, and six-week New Member Education Plans which your Chapter can adopt. These can help ease your transition into an online-based New Member Education program.
  • With any questions about modifying your New Member Education process to take place online, contact your Chapter’s Leadership Consultant for guidance.


  • At this time, we ask that all Chapters and Colonies revisit their New Member Education plans accordingly, and to conduct all Initiations as soon as possible.
  • If the situation at your host institution or within your local Chapter prevents you from conducting Initiation by this time, please contact the National Office immediately. We will work with you to establish an alternate timeline on a case-by-case basis.

Social & Philanthropic Events

  • Please follow the recommendations made by your host institution regarding social engagements, philanthropic events, fundraisers, and other gatherings (including fraternity/sorority formals).
  • If your host institution recommends canceling all formal meetings/gatherings, please reach out to the National Office to discuss how to conduct alternative Chapter meetings.
Download Chi Phi's Resource Guide

This is a live document which will be updated as more information is available