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Calling all Brothers! Submit your news for the fall Chakett

By September 2, 2020Alumni News

Our Fraternity and our Brothers have endured plenty throughout the past several months, but through it all there has been no shortage of uplifting stories and positive news coming from our members. The Chakett presents us with an opportunity to share these stories with the entire Brotherhood his fall.

We need submissions from Alumni like you to make this edition of The Chakett outstanding!

Sharing your stories with us not only offers you a chance to reconnect with Brothers, but it also allows Chi Phi to highlight what our members have been doing throughout their life and especially in recent months.

In this special edition of The Chakett, we also encourage each of you to nominate a Brother who is a frontline worker in healthcare, law enforcement, retail, or another critical industry which has been challenged by the pandemic. Nominations for our Frontline Heroes can be made at Self-nominations and accepted and very much welcomed!

Please visit the Chakett page on our website to submit your story and to check out the digital version of our previous editions. If you wish to attach a word document or photos to your submission, please email your materials directly to Dan Coutcher at [email protected].

Please send in your stories by Sunday, September 20 to be included in this issue. We look forward to hearing from you!