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Statement Regarding the Kappa Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

By Media Statements

The Chi Phi National Fraternity is aware of the recent incident involving its Kappa Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We condemn hazing of any kind and in no way condone behavior that does not align with our mission and values. The alleged incident associated with this Chapter is not a component of our National Ritual, and the two should not be linked.

In addition, individual statements made by some of our members do not reflect the position of the Chi Phi Fraternity. As such, we support the University’s decision to suspend the Chapter and terminate its status as a recognized organization on campus. Our values are based on truth, honor, and personal integrity, and we expect our members, both active and Alumni, to uphold these values in every aspect of their lives.


April 1, 2015 Update

In accordance with the Chi Phi Constitution, Article IX, Section 7, I: The Grand Council has the authority to “suspend the charter of any active Chapter for violation of any of the Fraternity’s laws.  The suspension of a charter may be made only by the unanimous vote of the entire Grand Council and shall be in effect only until the convening of a Court of the Grand Council.” The Grand Council met Friday, March 27, 2015, and voted unanimously to suspend the Charter of the Kappa Chapter. The Chapter will receive a notice to appear before the Court of the Grand Council which will be held June 19, 2015, at the Hilton San Francisco Financial District in San Francisco, California.


Due to the immediate suspension placed on the Chapter, all recognition as an active entity of the Chi Phi Fraternity is withdrawn and all operations of the Chapter must cease immediately. The Chapter should no longer represent itself as an entity of the Chi Phi Fraternity. As such, any social media including websites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. should be closed immediately. All Chi Phi letters on the house must be removed within the next ten (10) days. No new members may be recruited to join the Chapter or be initiated into the Fraternity. Chapter members must also refrain from collectively using the Fraternity’s names and/or symbols.


Statement Regarding Alpha-Alpha Chapter at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

By Media Statements

The Chi Phi Fraternity, in conjunction with officials at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, have placed the Alpha-Alpha Chapter at the University on suspension, effectively ceasing all Chapter operations, until the conclusion of the Fraternity’s judicial process. The suspension is a result of alleged risk management violations including alcohol violations and inappropriate New Member activities. The Fraternity is pleased with the partnership and support it has received from the University in an effort to identify joint concerns involving the Chapter and looks forward to a conclusion to this process which maintains this long standing partnership.

Any inquiries regarding the current status of the Alpha-Alpha Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity or the Fraternity’s judicial process should be directed to Michael Azarian, Executive Director.

Statement on Former Grand Alpha James Edgerton

By Media Statements

The Chi Phi Fraternity is saddened to announce the passing of Brother Jim Edgerton; Beta '66, Rho Iota Kappa ‘86; into the Chapter Eternal. Brother Edgerton passed away on Thursday, December 6, 2012.

Brother Edgerton served Chi Phi as Grand Alpha from 1991-1997 and Grand Epsilon from 1984-1990. In addition, he served as Chapter Advisors for the Beta and Rho Iota Kappa Chapters among other Chapters throughout the country.

No Brother knew more about Chi Phi than Brother Edgerton. He was a walking encyclopedia of our Fraternity’s history. I am saddened by his death; Chi Phi will not be the same without him. We offer our deepest thoughts and sympathies to the Edgerton family and friends, and to all the Chi Phi Brothers who knew him so well.– Michael Azarian, Executive Director. 

Information about services will be available on the Chi Phi website as determined.

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts and memories of Brother Edgerton, please feel free to use the Chi Phi Facebook page as a resource.

Update 2.5.2013 – The Memorial Service for Brother Jim Edgerton will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2013 on campus at the MIT Chapel commencing at 11:15 a.m. A light buffet lunch will follow.