For Your Future and Ours.

Is there a way to keep more of your paycheck while increasing your charitable giving to Chi Phi? Yes.
Is there a way to support Chi Phi now, and pay later? Yes.

Enter Planned Giving.

Planned giving goes by several names including deferred giving and estate giving, but they all mean the same thing.  A donor makes a gift and remembers Chi Phi after his or her death.    Planned giving can take many forms … Bequests … Life Insurance Policies … 401(k) Plans … Retirement Accounts … Charitable Trusts … Charitable Gift Annuities.

Making a planned gift can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

What difference does it make?

Planned gifts fund scholarships and educational programming—often in institutional-changing ways. When making a planned gift, you can specify how the gift must be used after your death. As a result, you can earmark your gift for your Chapter, a specific program and more.

Sample Documents

** Consult with your own attorney before executing any legal document **

Sample Codicil to your Last Will & Testament

Making a Planned Gift

You can create a living legacy to benefit generations of students.  Making a planned gift is a simple way to give essential support to Chi Phi or your Chapter.  To confidentially discuss the advantages of making a deferred gift, contact Director of Development Laura Landry at 404.231.1824.

chi-phi-maclean-society-logo_2015MacLean Legacy Society

The MacLean Legacy Society recognizes those generous alumni and friends who have made Chi Phi the beneficiary of a planned or estate gift.  These generous alumni and friends are helping Chi Phi build better men, Chapters and better communities, now and for generations to come.  These individuals belong to the most exclusive of Chi Phi affiliations as they have projected their love for Chi Phi and its mission beyond the horizon of their own mortality.

As of 8/1/13, the members of the MacLean Legacy Society are:

Anonymous Donor #1

Anonymous Donor #2

Anonymous Donor #3

Bates Block, Gamma 1940, Eta 1942 *

S. Frank Blocker, Jr., Alpha 1950

Brooks R. Caldwell, Epsilon Delta 1925 *

Ron Coleman, Alpha Zeta 1983

Jack Cook, Alpha 1948 *

Stuart Currier, Theta 1952

David F. Davis, Theta Delta 1973

James Davis, Omega 1975

Adam F. Feinberg, Delta Zeta 1990

D. Fort Flowers, Omega 1983

Richard Gilbert, Rho 1962

Joseph V. Goeller, Iota Delta 1963

Ed Greenwald, Pi Delta 1971

Tom Guinther, Iota 1972

R. Preston Herren, Gamma 1964

James B. Hill, Iota Delta 1960

Joseph E. Jones, Sigma 1958

Robert D. Jones *

Robert N. Klaffke, Alpha-Tau 1978

Herman Charles Krannert, Sigma 1912 *

Richard T. Lane, Kappa Zeta 1993 *

George Langford, Alpha 1950

Randy Loos, Theta Delta 1977

J. Darryl McCall, Psi Delta 1982 *

Eugenie L. Neel *

William D. Nuss, Iota Delta 1968

Donald Pearson, Theta Delta 1959

Gray C. Ramsaur, Theta Delta 1939 *

Jonathan J. Rawls, Rho Delta 1985

Senour Reed, Eta 1979

Andrew W. Schultz, Sr., Alpha Delta 1960

Jeffrey Shields, Alpha 1969

Ross S. Shoolroy, Iota 1939 *

Christopher J. Shuler, Alpha Zeta 1984

Raymond T. Snapp, Iota Delta 1967

James Soderquist, Alpha 1967

George Spaur, Epsilon Delta 1925 *

Harold C. Steinke, Kappa 1943 *

Herman O. Swanson, Alpha Tau 1914 *

Richard W. Taylor, Gamma 1961

Al Warrington, IV, Theta Delta 1958

Charles D. Wilson, Theta Delta 1966

Arthur Zack, Mu 1957

*Chapter Eternal
Do you see a name missing from this list?  Have you already included Chi Phi in your estate plan?  Become a member of the MacLean Legacy society.  Contact Senior Director of Development Laura Landry at 404.231.1824 so we can update Chi Phi’s records and properly recognize the generosity of loyal Chi Phi Alumni and friends.

Planned Giving News

6/25/11 – Al Warrington, IV, Theta Delta 1958 Changes Lives with $1.6 Million Gift

11/12/10 – Richard Gilbert, Rho 1962, Provides Opportunity with Bequest

6/29/10 – Senour Reed, Eta 1979, Makes an Impact with a Bequest

5/1/10 – Randy Loos, Theta Delta 1977, Makes Leadership Gift

5/1/10 – Jack Cook, Alpha 1948, Makes Bequest to Alpha Chapter

11/15/09 – Richard Lane, Kappa Delta 1993, Joins the MacLean Society

11/15/09 – Chris Shuler, Alpha Zeta 1984, Makes $200,000 Gift to Chi Phi

2/12/09 – Andy Schultz, Alpha Delta 1960, Leaves a Lasting Legacy