To promote scholastic achievement and to help Chi Phi Brothers be better men, the Chi Phi Educational Trust awards approximately $100,000 in academic and member development scholarships on a yearly basis. During the 2020-2021 fiscal year, fifty-three Chi Phi Brothers received scholarships thanks to the generous financial support provided by Alumni, parents, and friends. These merit-based academic scholarships honor those that both work hard to achieve academic success and serve their Chapter.

The application deadline is April 15, 2022 by 11:59pm (Eastern)

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Applications for all scholarships are evaluated by a volunteer panel made up of Chi Phi Alumni. Applications are scored on five categories:

  1. Grade Point Average
  2. Leadership and Involvement (Chi Phi, Campus, and Community)
  3. Community Service & Philanthropy
  4. Educational/Professional Achievements
  5. Cover Letter
  6. Letter of Recommendation

You can find the application portal for all scholarships here.

Please review our 2022 FAQ’s or email with any questions about scholarships or the application process.

Available Scholarships

Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships

Each year Chi Phi awards a varying number of scholarships to Brothers pursuing their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Applicants must be matriculated at an accredited college or university or demonstrate that he will be entering an accredited program in the next school term.

Chapter Excellence Fund Scholarships

Each year Chi Phi Chapters award approximately $70,000 in local scholarships and grants through their Chapter Excellence Funds. The requirements and amounts of these scholarships vary across Chapters. Contact your  Chapter Advisor for more information about awards at your Chapter.

Neel Scholarships

The Neel Scholarships were made possible by a generous gift from Ms. Eugenia Neel in honor of her parents Robert William Neel, Omega 1911, and Tommie Louise Park Neel and her brothers Robert William Neel, Jr., Gamma 1941, and Joseph Lockhart Neel, Eta 1943. For Neel Scholarships preference is given to students attending a college or university in the State of Georgia and students from the State of Georgia.  Neel Scholarships are awarded for both undergraduate and graduate study.

Ramsaur Leadership Awards

The Ramsaur Leadership Awards were endowed by Gray and Cordelia Ramsaur to recognize the  outstanding leadership of Chi Phi Brothers. While originally only open to Brothers enrolled at an institution within the state of Florida, beginning in the 2015 – 2016 academic year, Ramsaur Awards will be available to all Chi Phi Brothers with preference being given to Brothers from Florida Chapters.

E. Owen Parry Memorial Scholarships

The Parry Memorial Scholarships are new awards for the 2013 academic year.  These awards honor the character, leadership and service of Brother E. Owen Parry, Alpha 1965.  Preference for these awards is given to members of the Alpha Chapter of Chi Phi at the University of Virginia.

Soderquist Staff Scholarships

The Soderquist Staff Scholarships were established to recognize Jim Soderquist Alpha 1967, Epsilon 2014 and his incredible dedication to both the Chi Phi Fraternity and the Chi Phi Educational Trust . These scholarships are available to individuals having served two complete fiscal or calendar years in any capacity on the Chi Phi Educational Trust or Chi Phi Fraternity Staff.

Vic Pryles Memorial Scholarships

The Vic Pryles Memorial Scholarships were established by Calvin Allen, Eta 1971, to support Eta Chapter Brothers and to honor Vic Pryles, Eta 1968. These scholarships are made available only to Eta Chapter Brothers each year.

In addition to academic scholarships, the Chi Phi Educational Trust awards several annual scholarships to develop Chi Phi Members. Two of those scholarships are for FuturesQuest and the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI). Visit the program pages to learn about the application process and deadlines for these awards.

Applying for an Academic Scholarship

All academic scholarships are applied for using an online application.  Once submitted, the Scholarship Review Committee will match qualified applicants to all available scholarships for which they are eligible. Most scholarships award amounts range from $1,000 to $2,700 and all are for one academic year.

To complete the application you might find it helpful to have the following information available:

    1. Undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) Grade Point Average: You will need a copy of your SPRING transcript (unofficial is acceptable).
    2. Name and email address of your Chapter Alpha, Chapter  Advisor, Chapter Alumni Association President, Faculty Advisor, a professor and your job supervisor for your references
    3. Start thinking through your involvement in Chi Phi, other organizations on campus, work commitments, internships/co-ops, etc. Also, think about any conferences you might have attended/presented at for school, honor societies you are a member of, as well as any awards you have received (in Chi Phi, various organizations as well as academic achievements).
    4. Identify someone who can speak to your character, accomplishments, and goals and ask them to write your letter of recommendation. This could be a professor, academic advisor, Chi Phi Alumnus, supervisor at a job/internship, etc.

Please note that Chi Phi Brothers can be awarded a lifetime maximum of $10,000 in scholarships by the Educational Trust.  This does not include any scholarships awarded directly from a Chapter Excellence Fund.

Creating a Scholarship

Alumni, friends, Chapters, Alumni Associations and Alumni Clubs can endow and name a scholarship with a gift of $25,000 or more. To learn more about creating a named scholarship that will recognize and reward students in perpetuity, contact Executive Director Laura Landry at 404.231.1824.