The Chi Phi Greek Life Museum, located within the William M. Byrd Chi Phi National Headquarters in Suwanee, GA, provides a long-awaited opportunity to preserve, protect and present the historic documents, photographs and memorabilia of not only Chi Phi, but many other influential Greek organizations. The museum, which is operated by the Chi Phi Educational Trust, demonstrates how our Fraternity relates to the larger fraternal movement in America.

The Greek Life Museum holds many interesting artifacts such as photos dating back to the late 1800s, letters documenting Chi Phi’s founding, the patent application for the Chi Phi pin, the Chakett, and the pledge pin. The Museum also contains a copy of every issue of the Chakett Magazine dating back to the early 1900s. Minute books, original membership cards, and historic material from every Chi Phi chapter are also on display.

The museum features many artifacts from several other Greek organizations, such as pledge manuals, books written by Greek authors, membership guides, and more.

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Our Current Efforts

The Greek Life Museum has entered Phase III of our plan – our goal now is to preserve and digitize the contents of the Greek Life Museum and the archives.

Our main focus is:

1)  To physically scan, digitally categorize, and preserve for long term storage each document in the museum and archives.  This process will begin with the 150+ boxes of documents, photographs, and books currently housed in the archives. These efforts include:

  •   Stabilization / Preparation of Material
  •   Send out documents to be digitalized
  •   Catalogue digitalized material and make accessible online
  •   Preserve physical materials for long term storage in binders

2)  Create online database to make these digitized materials available online

3)  Install a dry fire suppression system to better protect the museum and archives from fire and water damage