Grand Alpha-Elect Nomination Committee

The Committee

Pursuant to Article X, Section 4 of the Constitution, Grand Alpha Steven Hopkins has appointed the following five Brothers to the Grand Alpha Nominating Committee:

James P. Soderquist, Alpha 1967, Epsilon 2014
Ronald P. Frank, Nu Delta 1983, Iota Zeta 1989, Delta Zeta 2000
Rocco Henry Carnevale, Mu 1980
Robert K. Walker, Iota Delta, 1970
Safwan Chowdhury, Psi Zeta, 2022

The 2024 Grand Alpha-Elect election will take place in July during the 158th Congress in San Francisco, California. 


A Nomination may be submitted by any Chi Phi Brother. All Nominees, however, must meet the following criteria set forth in the Constitution:

Article X, Section 2: “He shall be at least twenty-five (25) years of age and shall have been at least five (5) years a member of the Fraternity at the time of his election.”

Article X, Section 4(F): “No member of the committee shall be eligible for nomination as Grand Alpha for the forthcoming term.”

Nomination Form

Nominations for the next election in 2024 will be accepted until the start of the 158th Congress.

The Committee has created this form to make this process easy and accessible. Please ensure that you fill out each field completely and to the best of your knowledge. The Committee will be informed of your nomination and the Nominee notified.

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