Your Chi Phi Legacy

Volunteers are part of the lifeblood of the Chi Phi Fraternity that keeps our Brotherhood healthy. Being a dedicated volunteer to Chi Phi is a dynamic way to ensure your legacy lives on throughout the organization. Our volunteers help us embed a legacy of power and strength within the lives of every Brother.  Our collegiate Brothers thrive through Alumni guidance; our Chapter leaders succeed through their mentorship; and our Brotherhood is strengthened by their leadership.

Chi Phi needs our Alumni with the talents, wisdom and life experiences to help us in our mission to Build Better Men. As our Creed says, we all believe in the future of Chi Phi. Sharing your time and talent builds a stronger Chi Phi and creates a better Fraternal experience for yourself and the Brotherhood.

Ways to Volunteer

Work with Chapters

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Your experience and perspective can help our collegiate men think smarter, reach higher levels of success, and avoid pitfalls along the way. You can work with a singular group as an advisor, or you can help with various projects or events during the year. Or, you might prefer being a resource for a new Associate Chapter. Either way, you can play an important supporting role as you help our members create their experience. If you are interested, fill out the volunteer interest form on myChiPhi to receive more information.

Attend Events

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Seize the opportunity to reconnect with your Brothers, continue to grow your network within the Fraternity, and keep Chi Phi a part of your life… for Life. Meet up at a local in-person event or attend one of our national programs like Congress. Just showing up to an event can have a large impact on you and the Fraternity. Grow bigger and better events by getting involved and maybe help plan the next great event. Fill out the volunteer interest form on myChiPhi to share your interests to receive more information.

Join a Chi Phi Club/Association

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An Alumni association or Chi Phi Club helps maintain the “Chi Phi for Life” legacy and keeps Alumni connected across generations throughout the world. Area-based associations/clubs provide additional opportunities for social and professional networking whether in a metro area or throughout a region. You can assist with outreach efforts, ongoing communication, or event planning. Marking your interest in associations on the myChiPhi volunteer interest form is another way to receive additional information.

Preserve Chi Phi History

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Your local and national history is important to Chi Phi. Chapter composites, scroll signatures, scrapbooks, and yearbook provide an important snapshot of Chi Phi over particular points of time. While some items and images may still be in the possession of the Chapter, other items may live with individual Brothers. Gathering images of the people, events, artifacts and memories is the first step in the process. Visit myChiPhi to share your interest in preserving Chi Phi’s history to receive more information.

Work with the Chi Phi Trust

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Our Chi Phi Educational Staff works tirelessly each year to create campaigns and raise funds to support the Chi Phi Fraternity staff, educational programs and scholarships. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities through the Trust, including becoming a Board of Trustees member, please visit myChiPhi to share your interest to receive more information.

Join a Committee

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Committees are vital to fully realizing the mission and vision of Chi Phi. By serving on committees, our volunteers shape the future of the Fraternity through developing policies and programs that foster a healthy and successful organization. We welcome and encourage Brothers from diverse backgrounds to get involved in causes and subjects that appeal to them. Volunteering on a committee requires some experience and/or a special skill set that adds value to the work at hand. Time commitments vary depending on the aim and scope of the committee. Visit myChiPhi to share your interest in joining one of Chi Phi’s standing committees to receive more information.

Celebrating 200 Years of Building Better Men