Start a Chapter

As the nation’s first men’s social fraternity, Chi Phi has proven to be an organization where men of like minds come together, bonding as they pursue their varying interests.

The Chi Phi Fraternity is constantly seeking opportunities to bring our organization to new colleges and universities. The mission of the Fraternity is to Build Better Men through lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, and character development. This is achieved by having a strong, positive presence on North American campuses.

Chi Phi places a high priority on expansion efforts.

Our Department of Growth is dedicated to aiding our Associate Chapters. Once membership invitations have been extended to the newly formed group, our staff remains on the ground for the remainder of the first semester of operations to work alongside the men by providing education and support. We also provide eighteen months of recruitment education and coaching to assist New Members in developing, implementing, and refining a values-based, comprehensive recruitment plan. The addition of coaching provides the group with a strong foundation from the beginning and assists members in institutionalizing operational best practices into the fabric of their newly established group.

We expect our Chapters to be accountable to our founding principles and to demonstrate mission and action congruence in all that they do. To ensure that, we have a committed, trained, and enthusiastic team of Alumni willing to support the expansion from conception to chartering and beyond.