Bicentennial Celebration

In honor of Chi Phi reaching the momentous milestone of the first and only men’s social fraternity to reach 200 years of existence, we will be hosting celebratory events across the country. We hope Brothers from coast to coast will join us in these historic events as we embrace the strength and unity of our Brotherhood and the powerful impact it has made these past two centuries. 
Our inaugural bicentennial event will begin with 158th Congress in San Francisco, California, July 26-28, 2024. From there, we will host five events throughout the year in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, and Tampa. Our final celebration will conclude with a Special Congress in July 2025 which will be held at the historic Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C.
Additionally, in honor of this impressive milestone, limited edition commemorative items will also be available. From a Bicentennial Badge to commemorative bourbon, we hope you will find keepsakes that allow you to embrace this once in a lifetime opportunity. 


We are hosting historic events across the country from July 2024-July 2025, celebrating the storied creation of the Chi Phi Fraternity as we know it today. Each event will be at a unique venue to celebrate our Brotherhood and offer Brothers from coast to coast to attend.

Official Merchandise

We are proud to announce the official launch of our Bicentennial merchandise. Here Brothers and Friends will be able to purchase various items that will allow them to commemorate this once in a lifetime event. Throughout the next year, items will rotate so be sure to grab your items while they are still available!

Chronicles Boxset


In honor of our Bicentennial anniversary, we are pleased to announce that a new edition (Volume 3) of the Chi Phi Chronicles will be released. This book encapsulates the intricate details of our history from 1977-2024. However, for Brothers looking to secure the complete collection of the Chronicles, know that all three volumes are being released as part of a limited edition box set. With over 1,000 pages of Chi Phi history included, this is certainly a boxset that should be proudly displayed in every Brother’s home. Boxsets will be available for shipping in early 2025. Be sure to pre order your set today!

Bicentennial Badge


For the first time since the late 1800’s, a new edition of the Chi Phi Badge is being released. The design of this special edition item was inspired by the historic badges from the first three orders, and is adorned with pearls, scarlet and blue jewels, and will be set in a black box. Included will also be a “200” badge guard as well as a unique number inscribed on the back in which to commemorate this momentous milestone. The Bicentennial Badge will be approved to be worn throughout the next year in replacement of our general badge. You certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to own a historic piece of Chi Phi jewelry. Badges will be available through July 2025 and will be ready to ship in June 2024.

Chi Phi Blazer


What better way to commemorate this historic milestone than by wearing a custom designed, limited edition dress blazer? This navy blazer adorned with gold buttons will proudly display the Chi Phi Crest on the front pocket while also including a custom inside lining. The Fraternity has proudly partnered with Sewell Manufacturing, an organization that has been manufacturing unique blazers for well over a century, so there is no doubt this sartorial piece will be in fashion for the next 200 years.

Bicentennial Bourbon

This special edition bottle of bourbon has been hand selected by Chi Phi Brothers and will have a custom Chi Phi label celebrating our Bicentennial, will be hand dipped in scarlet & blue wax, and will be individually numbered.
This campaign officially launched on December 24, 2024, as part of the Educational Trust’s Founders Day campaign. We anticipate the first batch of bourbon being available by Congress 2024. However, if you are interested in signing up for the wait list for any additional bottles that may become available, we encourage you to fill out the interest form.