Official Chi Phi Blazer


We are working with Sewell Manufacturing in Bremen, Georgia, for a special edition dress blazer commemorating our Bicentennial. Sewell has been manufacturing custom blazers and other apparel for fraternities, social clubs, golf clubs, and universities for over 100 years.
The navy blue fabric will be Super 120’s wool. The coat lining will be our proprietary design, with our Chakett and Crest superimposed on a background of scarlet and blue vertical stripes, custom-printed for Chi Phi Brothers only. The blazer buttons will be gold-colored metal. Additionally, each blazer will be adorned with a bullion crest, utilizing a combination of gold and silver bullion wire that’s hand-stitched onto a fabric substrate. The gold and silver wire creates an elegance to the patch and provides a regal way to express one’s affiliation with our Fraternity. The crest will be sewn on the left breast pocket which will preserve the functionality of the breast pocket for that special pocket square for sartorial splendor.
Each coat will be hand-cut to measure in Georgia and shipped to your home/office. We have reservations in hand for an initial order of 25 blazers. Beyond the initial order, subsequent orders will be placed in batches of 25 coats, so get yours now and beat the rush! All orders must be pre-paid. The cost per coat is $290 plus an estimated $10 for shipping.