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Ritual Equipment List

Chi Phi maintains a list of Ritual equipment each Chapter should have in its possession. Each of the items should inventoried at least once a semester to preform accurate Ritual ceremonies. The Ritual equipment check list can be found in the Resource Library in myChiPhi.

NOTE: To purchase ritual items and equipment please visit: Any items not listed can be purchased through the National Office by emailing us at

Goliard Program

The Goliard Program is an educational program designed to encourage in-depth learning into the Heritage and History of our Fraternity. Those wishing to enter the program will advance through several stages, known as chambers with an eventual certification.

These certified “Goliards” will be the experts on the History, Ceremonies, and Traditions of Chi Phi, and will be called upon to assist other Brothers and Chapters throughout the country when help, advice, or guidance as needed.

Registration for the Goliard Program can be found in the Resource Library of myChiPhi. For additional information, contact


Similar to Ritual equipment, Chi Phi requires Chapters to complete several different ceremonies at least once a year. Information on these ceremonies can be found in the Resource Library in myChiPhi.

Initiate Badge Request Form

Please submit this form in order to have your badges delivered prior to your initiation ceremony.
The form must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to initiation to allow time for badges to be produced and mailed. 

Pull provide the full recognition name of each Initiate. This list of Initiates must be complete and in order of Initiation. Please number your Initiates as you complete this list.


1. John Doe

2. James Doe

3. Jack Doe

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