Regional Ritual Retreat

“Do you know what it really means to be a Chi Phi?”

The Regional Ritual Retreat (RRR) is focused on our Ritual, Heritage, and the secret meaning of our Brotherhood. This new program, exclusively facilitated by Brothers, is a unique opportunity to learn about what truly makes us Chi Phi and what has bound us together for nearly 200 years. Our Ritual is the foundation of our core values and transcends directly into how we build stronger chapters and achieve our mission of building better men. Highlights of the RRR programming include performance of our Ritual, an in-depth explanation of our UL, and an exploration of the symbolism of our Ritual and how it applies to recruitment, new member education, and Brotherhood. 

Housing: Provided, On Campus

Cost: Transportation –  Program includes all meals, program materials, and lodging at no charge

Programming: Friday, 6:30 p.m. –  Sunday, 12 p.m.

All tracks of this program will be led by Brothers with the most knowledgeable Ritual minds in our Fraternity.  This includes Goliards and Grand Council members.  This is a very unique opportunity!

Cancellation Policy: Participants unable to make RRR are requested to notify us no later than the Monday before the program. Late cancellations may result in a financial penalty to offset the cost of the program.

2025 Regional Ritual Retreat

Host Institution: TBA

Date/Time: January 10 – January 12

You should be booking your travel at the same time as you complete this registration form. Please forward your driving/flying plans to once confirmed.

Celebrating 200 Years of Building Better Men